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My body is my cage

before my face is frozen
in this mask and removed
by orphaned hands,
i wish to know love
oh, strangled voice
of infinity,
cast me not
into soulless body,
break me not
into rain and fire.

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I mostly feel 25 inside, even during -

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Thank you for reading and understanding, Jess.

author comment

reminds me of jayne, another one of the poets here whose works I really admire. Kudos, Anna.


That the spears of love are kept at bay, by what do we measure the blame.
Is it our own boundaries that should be destroyed as they are only put there by habits, habits drawn from a life that has become redundant in that others have captured its beauty.
Now we need to stretch and search again as no one will hold us to blame for seeking new fields as we hold our origins of love so close.
A riddle for you to go walk in fields anew, the gate that is there is hard to open but must be done.
The write was as if you had made yourself a prisoner of feelings that should be wonderful memories, it made me sad, Love always, Yours Ian

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

like choreography that my mind can feel
the movmement...
Thank You! its very beautiful!

I do totally agree with the comment of Esker...a good experience generally as long as it's not too abstract for an amateur like me.....


raj (sublime_ocean)

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