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• Advise me •

Advise me.
How can I pay back someone
who broke my heart & left me shattered
after all the dances in the garden of Eden.

Advise me.
How can I join my broken bones with pains, to tell a girl or a lady..
I love her forgetting the past?

After the flower of roses I once planted have withered in the wind that blows in harmattan.

Advise me.
How can I be in love again?

How I lost my Shirt(s)

How I lost my Shirt(s)

It’s tough to find some proper Western wear
that gives this male a Rhinestone Cowboy flare
(not meaning pants that make an old man blush
because they show the details of his tush).

I fret about a certain style of shirts
that I had always bought at Smith and Kertz,
our valley’s Tack-N-Feed and Clothing Store
where I had bought those fancy shirts before.


Hand in hand,
there is no greater darkness
than the one that's growing steadily between us.

Hand in hand,
there is no greater darkness
than the one that's growing steadily between you and me.

United scars... the dripping blood
and a body that fears no one but itself!

As above, so we are: So below, as we are!

In the blink of an eye
stars collapse and we are here,
hand in hand and torn apart.
Can’t you hear the countdown?
Can’t you hear the clocks
that are ticking in our hearts?

Terror in the Dark Woods

'Twas a windy night in the haunted wood,
Autumn's dead leaves rustling,
Trees bare and wan, dark and cold;
I feared I was not alone, something pursued me,
Something perhaps inhuman,
Emanating the cloying odour of the tomb,
The foul smell of rotting flesh.
The noisome stench of the undead,
Risen from the grave and seeking...
Seeking what? My very lifeblood?


Filet Mignon, was an easy choice
Slept on it until that morning voice
"Time Mark, need to shave off that damn shag
No more (this) day for a lousy brag"

So it went, there was still some more time
When suddenly there was a strange chime
Was it something odd one of them said
Or was it from deep inside my head?

What choice did I have left in this world?
Scared, so revolting down tight I curled
Dragged me up to carry me screaming
A boy wanting mommy seeming

• She is Judas •

I'm a stick of cigarette to you,
you light me,
smoke me,
and march me rough with shoe.

I trusted you
and wanted to wed you ,
you drank the palm wine
of a stranger and bed with him

they told me you did but I was
I never knew you were Judas.

Fear the Bat!

I worship the gods of the night;
They are my inspiration.
I desire only to share
In their degradation
Of futile humanity,
Drinking the blood of innocents,
Feasting on their flesh,
Gnawing their bones.
Oh fall down in terror
Before the mighty Bat from Hades!

A Polack whose arse was quite spotty
Found a boil had formed up his botty;
So he took his sore crack
To a fat Warsaw quack
Who lanced it for two thousand zloty.

In a dirty old hut by the Vistula
Lived an old maid, whose name was Miss Tyula
Whilst out for a ramble
She sat on a bramble
Which punctured her ripe anal fistula.

On Your Knees...

The night creeps in
on hands and knees
too ashamed to face the day

It gives no clue
of why it cries
if it knows, it wouldn't say

It brings the nightmares
and with it Darkside
pulled from within your shell

Full of teeth and claws
to rip apart your dreams
and take your soul to Hell

Birthday Poem

40 swans
with outstretched wings
all feather and muscle

40 ashtrays
full of the soot
of waste's sadness

40 mountains
the same distance
up as down

40 shoelaces
snaked through
my walking shoes

40 blackbirds
with eyes unblinking
as the night

40 fingers
plucking guitar strings
of gold

40 coats
shielding against
the bitter cold

40 alphabets
for all the language

my forty year old self


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