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The Secret Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa,
kisses are like stars; so they say.
Oh, your clamped down lips are tempting—
but, why would I wish to kiss you
and, by chance, touch those concealed
crumbling, pearly . . . whites?

La Giaconda, La Giaconda! tsk, tsk, tsk;
me thinks—perhaps your locked lips
mask centuries of neglected dental hygiene?
Open wide, or I shall tickle you and draw
a toothless laugh. Tickle, tickle . . . . Giggle, giggle . . . .

No Export

Bottles in her locker
Family on Government Handouts
She works all week to support her weed
On the weekend she’s a night banger
The riverside comes to life
A natural wonder – brothel

A Love Letter to Dante

You’re the king of my universe
Your poetry kindles my gentle heart
Where the river was born to a peaceful flow
We stand together as one sweet soul

In this the tempestuous ocean of life
Our paths have never crossed
There is no greater sorrow
Than knowing our hands will never touch
But you are deep within me

From my love of poetry
You’ve led me to your wisdom
“Love which absolves no one is beloved from loving”

Flight Of Might

Fly you high, a graceful bird
We speak about you yet;
Soaring o'er the clouded blue
Lest we should forget.
You dive and swoop then rise again
Adroit in every way
A drifting gliding sight to see
Though still a bird of prey.

Tail upright and wings aspread
As through the clouds you dip
Winging o'er the air waves
Fleet from tip to tip.
Your beating, faithful, merlin heart
Performs her loyal chore.
Driving, powering on and on
Amid the mighty roar.

Socrates and Xanthippe

(The Tribulations of Socrates)

Socrates, the sage old Greek,
married his Xanthippe and soon learned
that patience must be clad with the thickest skin.
“Xanthie,” he was wont to say,
“am I condemned to bear the pricks
of your needle-pointed words?
Go and buy a pincushion, but spare my hide . . . .”

H-Town Ballad

Come and sit in the boiling heat
Put on a hat and pull out a drink

Hollar out a howdy and a y'all or two
Then smack at the squitos and tell them to shoo

Pull out a tent and let's go camping
Don't grab a trailer unless your glamping

Climb a tree or wade in a brook
Then go grab those dogs you've been waiting to cook

April , June, July
Hurricane season won't fly by

It will sit and sit and relieve itself
And knock all the stuff off your shelf

But A Love Now Long Gone

One summer’s eve in Spain,
I fled through an open window,
Butterflies aflight
In the very pit of me,
And I tramped the streets,
My heart abrim
With such a love,
But a love now long gone.

With my final matches,
I forged a heart
At that maiden’s doorstep;
I was like a thief,
On that torrid night,
My heart abrim
With so much love,
But a love now long gone.

Finally Dawn

Forever bounded in the shadow.
Prisoner of his reckless urge,
Failure to break free from his maniac grip.
Oiled with his cursed seed.
Bathing lost her touch as cologne her strength,
The stench of shame never fades.

Memories of him hunt my every breath
While Judging hands points towards me,
She triggered his madness and acted victim.
What’s expected of Eve?
Always bent on bringing down the mighty.

Prince Charming

I met you for the first time
When I was five, you were in a book

I remember, because you were
Broad shouldered, wearing a royal jacket
Red trousers with a gold stripe down the side
Golden belt, black boots, with white gloves
That’s the moment I fell in love

We met once again when I was eight
I was reading you, to a younger child
She loved you too

I met you when I was seventeen
It was my first day of work
To have you close, meant the world to me

My mother I miss you

I have never talked to anyone about me,
How scared I am when it’s getting dark,
I haven’t shared anything about me,
How much I care for you even though if I work,
But you know, don’t you my mother?
You know everything about me my mother,
My mother…
Never leave me alone in crowds,
I’ll lose my way back home,
Never send me far away from you,
Where you won’t even remember me,
Am I that bad, my mom?


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