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Idle Time Poetry workshop

This shows the poems in just one one workshop. To see all the poems on Neopoet, go to the stream. Or go to the workshop page itself, where you can find out more about the syllabus.

She wore it on her sleeve (Idletime workshop)

She always wears her clothes
in various shades of green
for reasons she only knows
not a girl I would ever dream

Yet she walks with a gait
to show off her trim figure
not many do even wait
to let their eyeballs linger

There was a girl named Irene
who was bold and beautiful
carrying herself like a queen
looking pretty and cheerful

The day after she quit her job
all had a surprise in store
the girl who was such a snob
wore not green any more


Mine Man... [Idletime workshop]

Jealous; guard your secrets
don't give them all away
Just little, tiny bits
small pieces every day...


Jealousy What ?(Idle Time Workshop 2)

Your sister is beautiful
your brother is educated in his field
and you my dear child
why you will make someone a good housewife one day
Say what now! a good what ?


The Doll - Idle Time Workshop

Little girl stared at the doll.
Beautiful doll.
Golden curls.
Bright blue eyes.
Sweet rosy cheeks.
It had been a gift to little sister
from Mommy and Daddy.
She touched its soft
smooth neck
and with one swift twist - Pop!
Off came its head.

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