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[1911: mountain village in the southern Apeninnes]

They came down
from the hills
riding an icy wind
lost in the white and gray
of a winter’s day.
into each village and town
they roamed
looking to feed
looking to kill
driven by hunger’s pain

They smelled the dying
and the dead
scratched at the earth
of the newest tomb
hungered for the flesh
still in a mother’s womb

the men had gone to war
the women left on their own,
My father was born that winter’s night
and the wolves came scratching
at the door.

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Of an isolated log cabin with wolves baying while the birth is occurring

Thank you. Actually, the village had brick or stone homes.My grandmother lived in an abandoned church,

author comment

and home coming of your pop
else how would you have created
such a lovely poem on wolves ...
its all circumstantial too..


Thank you my friend, A true story. My gandmother, her mother,and 5 sisters lived it.

author comment

Far too many have forgotten (thank you Walt Disney) that having wolves at the door was once something to be terrified of. Thanks for the reminder............stan

A great write of raw nature, your ref to 1911 is that from stories told to you or just a thought of things to do ???
It is many years since the Wolves were here to roam wild and the Bears,
but I do know that they keep a pack of them just outside of Rome where Romulus and Remus were reared by a Wolf, they being the founders of Rome..
Keep writing Joe these are good, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

True story told to me by my paterna lgandmother in the dialect s rough and harsh s the soil of her native town,Domanico, province of Cosenza.

author comment

great story poem Geremia
The wolf is intelligent and built
for hunting....its eyes are something
its voice also...Nature is not removed
at all...In places left alone the wolves
return....I like stories authentic of the
raw flavour of living....The edge of the
ancient wilderness where all exist
and co exist

humans giving birth and rearing young
and wolves too
sharing the land
and overlapping
with knowledge of each

the fear of each other

a journey
like life
like death

thank you

It is all about Daewin, I guess. Thanks, Steven,


author comment
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