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The eye of windows on its haunches
watched the crows wiping beaks
after smart lawn lunches

Esther Greenwood sits beside me
summer dress
sits fidgets
every cat bell eyed mail
sends the shiver of rings
in the rooms for awhile
shes the most magnificent
of things

i the pauses of breath
in this pre storm air
she breathes out softly
and runs her fingers
through her hair

I can feel the puff of warmth
head turned when I crank
to see the clock
Like looking down the tunnel
for the tube
the ship is at the station
leaving...but i know its light
like a geraniums moth

she smells unlike no other
an exquisite delicate
Like a memory of hot sun
and dust motes
Like a laziness liquid
melted whisky on hard ice

tin of smokes calling my
grab my tool bag
and split the scene
I dont pay out all my loot
on the first fanciest horse
the last canadians and
one yankee quarter

serupticious smile
its what I do

in the jumble of the
intoxicants stillness
like a martini bar
with a juke boxs
crawling round
I cant escape
wicked game
we play

enjoying every
evil of which we

'some day your
gonna ache like
i ache...
some day your gonna
break like I break..'

courtney Love Hole

it is what it is
like falling stars
if I asked her
like the lines
she's say

which one!

but oh I like
her plenty
and full

and the rains
fell sidewalks
like a sail
thunder and lightnin
but missing the hail

smitten for the
minxy kitten
the rush of wind
hits before the
loud crash of
the weight
The light arcs
and passengers
crowd up to the
this is my train


Editing stage: 


Nice poem
Long but simple nice rhythm and flow
I like reading it

*Collaborative Poetry Workshop* American Version of Japanese Poetry ~ Renga ~ Haiku, Senyru, Tanka.

Neopoet Community

as I like porches...
we have an overhang here
two chairs side by side
concrete level to sidewalk
triangle garden..
but knew of the wooden chairs
couches...books to read
sleep in decent weather
look out a must!

it is long....
i could have shortened
it...the beginning...then middle
then ending i made sure was all
here though..

Thank U very much Barbara!


author comment

Wonder reading

*Collaborative Poetry Workshop* American Version of Japanese Poetry ~ Renga ~ Haiku, Senyru, Tanka.

Neopoet Community

was curious of your take on this....
yet you have handled this critique and evaluation of my works
extremely well.....tact....
I have never said that in all my years
in a world gone awry
in monkeys banging each other on our veggie strainer
battle helmets
there is something succinct in finesse
the beast of nature have the most wiliest of ways
delicate with their great paws
and nimble claws...

You have actually gleaned over the gist of the work
and hit the nail on the head
Allusion is one form of the magic of writing
like magicianary

Like anything introduced to alleviate
the affects and then the effects are
vastly picked up on
The STONES...mothers little helper
rung that bell..
there were long songs of the cocaine
from the eighteen hundreds
laudlin and wormwood
brought back in the blues era
even mainstream and even underground
its taboo
to a degree...

for the illicit use

Cut in- I like your feeling on this one
i will let you in on this..
like the velvet rope....exhibits..clubs is not cut in...window
exhibits....which I love
disconnected scenes
from my own trauma and experience
way back....maybe I was not the castigated
but still.....even if witnessed behind this is still etched in the psyche

Lost era....yes..and yet....there is the love
of the vinyl for the new audiophile
but within the magic of the disc come the zero zero one one zero zero
one zero...etc affect..not just a valley
for a stylus to track....there is more
you can play the new records at thirty
a pop on the old crosley slap and grabs
meaning slap yer money grab your
box..or the new disc turntables with
electronics built in to utilize the added
of modern 2017...I am from 1985,,,
last time I used turntables big time

cut-in....okay.....wide angle
on the jazz my periphery widens
my brain settles in
the fear...anxiety scrapes away
im able to do dexterity smoothly
and smooth as the green
on the members only club
no stones no weeds
the roll unencumbered
no watered down brandy
from the sweet spot tavern

I can sense the belt on the last
trailer working loose of a poured
lumber slabs
I can find the keys to the words
hidden beyond my fingertips
in my hidey hole safety spot
slap em down like a player on
a sure role..confident not shakey
like slurry
no tells
no worry

like the boarder riding the front of
his wave
like the binge er starving
the delicious crave

hitting all the green lights
when your not in a rush...
as close as it gets
trying to describe
the experience
is like shedding skin

the performance is
in the how did I fall down
the stairs without spilling
my drink
how did I juggle my boss
the ruin without think

like rain falling on hudcaps
becomes a symphony
people fall into the spell
of calm and leader ship
like tranquility

I could thread the needle
of the fabric of time
with my arm about my baby
all confident and fine

feeling the heat of the lightbulb
the puff of satisfied breath on
my arm
knowing...that the visions width
would collapse
the magic come morning
would be the paper
in the midst of the downpour
when I needed to see the
outcome of the game
on a wild hedged bet
the fear is removed
what I found

what I could never fathom
were those that did not
need the stimulants
hanging on by one hand
swinging there
over the abyss
falling sideways
getting up

North America...maybe its all the
space distance
nothing for chums then and now
to pile in after a party and drive
five hours
course they are swinging some
deal...half the fun right
i would rather want for a driver
wound tight on something
and a mittful of cds then someone

the trade

feeding time at the zoo
and traffic of the pharma
of the pharma companies
like bank
currency is never counterfeit

the little pill puts me to sleep
the medium pill wakes me up
the red pill makes me go
the slender pill mellows me slow

the writers wanted to stay up
two days aloft and the creative
portions of the right cortex just
start to hum right
harmonize right
right before the phantoms
the slender aperature
of accuracy in words

tinged madness is appealing
alcohol slurs
but the stimulants
leaves one cognizant
to fulfill the duties
of ardor and passion
and words whispered
love tokens
theories discussed
theorem tried

the ultimate crash
and sleep
and waking up looking
twice yer age
is not

and feeling it...

i like the retro
there is something frightening
of the new
that strips much of the soul
the lining
of more then just the
mind and stomach

they still sell vicks inhalers
but behind the counter
but they will sell

make that sale
all in the story
one has

i call it going under the wire

run silent

I am so happy
about the scrutiny of this
and the intel of your experience

Thank U sagi!


author comment

fuzztone and the megahorn with feedback squeal
but ive settled....i listen often now
the very brilliant share their quiet vents
more now
the women sit close to me..excited
but then creative people are like this
my Bukowskie moments
Production companies wanted more
and so few have the true endurance
to keep up...but with the stimulants
everyone can
and odd but the writing and painting of
that period shot up tenfold

Thank U have an apt eye
and a refined touch for the footplate
of the drive on your intellect...

Mr Wolf

author comment
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