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Welcome to Book Street

A car, I can't see the driver, rolls down the hill
across from the ravine that is my view.
It's white and gone; now only the tree tops,
green with buds, wave and jitter in the wind.

The woman on the radio speaks carefully
as if she's pre-forming her sentences
the way a foreigner would.
Now she speaks more freely,
she's said this before,
about Tasmania..
Her voice is pleasant,
it's easy to imagine she's
young, pretty, successful,
but the irony of radio
is the disparity between voice and looks.
Natasha, her name is Natasha,
in my mind said slowly, to some effect,
accent Russian and slightly lascivious.

Now a man's on, he speaks in a restricted, nervous tone.
The presenter puts him at ease by rabbiting on
about productivity, terms of trade.
How neatly put is economics,
no mention of bribes, greed, deceit,
everything laid out as if real.
Everything honky dory.
Meaning: welcome to book street (in Japanese).

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


A short montage of sights and sounds on a typical day. Real slice of life stuff. First impessions? : line 3 I wanted to read
then" not "and"..Next I want to meet Natasha just to see if she IS pretty lol. And you nailed the economics. How does an economist get out of a well? He Assumes a ladder lol. You showed how imperfect that field is..........stan

I think treetops can wave and jitter at the same time. Glad you liked it, its a it of a departure for me stylistically, influenced by John Ashbery who recommended staying true to what you first write rather than over thinking it.

author comment

I found this strangely satisfying,
a simple vision without the vision,
we wonder at the reality of the person behind the voice,
and a voice alone can give away so much:-

"in my mind said slowly, to some effect,
accent Russian and slightly lascivious."

making this quite a powerful part.
I enjoyed the rabbiting, hear the chatter,
just like radio the poem has the same effect,
of becoming a sound piece, and it leaves me satisfied,
I'm not sure why. I was brought up on radio, of course,
and that has often been what I would prefer with certain
things, we concentrate more on the actual words spoken
the opposite to what you say here, where we concentrate on the voice.

Love Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

I'm glad you liked it. although I'm not sure about your quote from Kenzan, last time i looked in the mirror it was pretty frightful but not dead yet. Ha Ha

author comment

I know why you have been published.I may be the first to buy!

are you referring to my ebook? I put that there, does anyone buy poetry ebooks, might work for bulky novels but I reckon poetry books work best as real books you can slip into the back pocket of your jeans/dreams. I have some money now to put a real book out there but I'm too lazy to get it together yet.
Thanks for your comment.

author comment
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