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Surfaces smoothly reflect,
unearthed in this time of lights.
Small and large pieces of paper
litter like letters from a gone war.

Children run in Caribbean colours,
women in stretched black.
The tinnitus city drums softly.
Map arteries weave and congest.

Aquarium nights
dream greetings.
The past arrives all broken
and listing towards the right.

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Oh, man, I am wildly envious. Whenever I try to say something as deeply human and political as this it ends up a sloganistic rant.

I did find the first stanza, whilst setting up the mood, didn't otherwise contribute much. The second two stanzas are a meme, capable of infecting the human psyche,

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re the first stanza
I always marvel at the shininess of modern cities and how that relates to the darkness of mining and the brilliance of lighting, but the litter, well nothing particularly new there. thanks for your comments.

author comment
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