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poem 14

The room is empty
and dust motes circle in slices of light.
Books like brickwork cover one wall
and on a table a wise old chinaman looks out,
the only figurine.
In another unit a child is crying,
and further away
there's the distorted sound of a reggae tune
but here
not even phantoms visit.
Memories that might have gathered,
as crumbs do in soft furnishings,
have departed like revellers, (laughter
echoes, the lift door closes).
No ticking clock,
no floorboards creak as evening arrives.
White walls turn grey on grey.
Later, the completion of night and silence.

Editing stage: 


I don't understand why this hasn't been
commented on ... quite good it is.

Sends a clear picture, hauntingly so.

I read it the other day and came back
to see what, if anything, I could offer ...
I have nothing right now, just appreciate
the fact that you are allowing us to read.

Why the title? Not that it doesn't add to
the lonely feeling.



I usually end up making the title the first line, in this and a few poems i have been calling them simply poem 44 or whatever, the idea came from Pablo Neruda and his poema 20. I'm finding I can't remember which poem is which so I'll go back to giving them titles. thanks for your thoughts.

author comment

I think it deserves an "anti-dust" title.

I am sorry if a bit lazy in commenting and offering suggestions . The at the moment running workshops are really interesting. I wonder why don't people pay a visit to the workshops at least for fun if not like to be educated. :)
Ross would you consider joining us. I'm sure you won't regret it and we would gain from your experience.
I like your way in reading and reviewing. Please consider the invitation.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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ok shall check them out. Like you I participate in other forums and have just joined a 4th so am kept busy.

author comment
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