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Vina del Mar

Vina del Mar

Tanker still out in the bay
like a child’s toy but huge and foreboding.
In the distance Con Con looks like a ruin,
the white villas cascade down like poured garbage.
'Come what may' as a credo?

Swastika pelicans dive,
shoreline a movement of colours.
Shadows stretch, the sand turns two types of beige.
La playa, how appropriate.

An armada of lights out on the harbour.
Lovers, walking the beach,
hold hands against the dark between
the high lights on the boardwalk.
Waves splash through the night.
Boom, crash, murmur.

Last few words: 
note la playa..the beach
Editing stage: 


smooth, refined, delicate and strong. What are swastika pelicans, if you don't mind me asking.

I felt it to be expository, as if Travis Mcgee is going to pop into the picture at any moment. That is not a bad thing.
I don't need more than what you presented to enjoy the piece. I extended the story line in my own mind.
You set me in that mood.


the birds when diving had a swastika shape against the sky. I wrote a too long poem based on my trip to Chile and Peru, one section has already been posted here, I have two more but most of the poem has been scraped as being as you say 'too expository' just holiday snaps in words. thanks for your comments

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