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warm my hands to a toaster

woke up in a dream
pouring like the rain
swallowed in the drains

but then

searching for salvation
spooning out my ration
twist cap sour cream

and always

shivering with the cold
walls have caught the mould
you exist move swift like a team



Editing stage: 


because the lyrics are greatly emphasised
by the vocalization of the artists
strangely enough i like the punk
and other harder rock
i havent checked out the training
on the singers of which i like
but i bet they were classicaly trained
with voice coaches

its rare that people are born
with a great intuitive

but there are some
this poem is the result of
a song i like
that i listen too

this poem took longer then a lot
of what i write

and it did....
i saw that elf wrote this on
one of his latter posting
of a poem that i like
of his

thank you

author comment

Though it shows clear here.
I liked how you have structured your imagery and how you've spiced it with rhymes.

You sure have a unique word choice and style. ( everyone here belives so, not only me)
but the structurded stanzas polished it so it shines.

My favorite of yours so far.
Thanks for sharing.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

Follow me

of some punctuation and capitalization?

Ok ok... I'll run now before you start firing, hehehe.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

Follow me

shall think about it......

thank you/

author comment

a flowing stream of poetry
unending unswerving
from the hills to the sea

ur pure music for me
but be happy
deaf that i be
i can't comment musically
help me save my skin will ye?

like the busy bee....the hummingbird whom finds nectar in the beauty..
your words are lyrical...
you hear words....
your comments are like singing
like the mad busker bustling hustler of the street
crowd and the bar club vendor benders....
the muse of the musing..
i have been places
i have seen things
i have done many

thank you

author comment
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