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* * V E N E E R E E L * *

Lucky Strikes
and coca cola

a screen erupts in light

the lamps blaze
through the trick

like the magic of life

swooning on popcorn
and fresh love
the machine alphabets
speakers and thighs

Editing stage: 


venerating the reels and wheels of a sexy and eerily cool drive-in movie experience....

that's just me attempting to deconstruct the title...a fools errand probably....but fun all the same!

scold away if I transgress into the ludicrous.

your poems are better than sudoku for teasing and testing the mind


I am not a poetry stalker, I just like your work


"machine alphabets" could be car makes..gmc amc chev vw
etc...never thought of that but it works well here..

Drive Inns where affordable and want by the new and old
will be here...for a while...

author comment

I love the poem Steven, There is so many ways you could take this poem it could be read in a few different ways with different outcomes

the machine alphabets
speakers and thighs

these last two lines made me think of a screen shining and reflecting their pictures onto all that surrounds

love JC xxx

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