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un petit cote rebelle

corner cross
the wishbone spring
that the worth wound forth

brisk brightness
glossy in the slipstream
turn down vollaire avenue
sentry neck arch
ginger tinged

powder misted
beneath us
the stonework lairs
"reve de minuit"

puff a kiss about
the slender Cohiba

Editing stage: 


now I mostly understand you

be less epicurial will you

puff a kiss....- see well understood


I read Milton to understand something during a hard run
in 94.....I am now reading Neopoet and my own writings
today to get grounded......Epicurial....thank you loved..
I live in my head...try to write of the heart i know nothing of..
been thinking of the greats the crazy wild ones whom i read
much of in this route to be a i live like one and its
difficult....running everything through the right brain.....that
creative fire is bright....a beauty.....terrible at times the cost...
see where it was i was..where i am going......
epicurial...indeed....a wonderful place and very tempered climate

thank you

author comment

Apparently Loved has an upper hand on your meanings, ( Sigh ), sure wish I did! LOL!! However, this piece, as with all your excellent poems, is a joy to read and a pleasure to ponder!

knowing of those whom wrote and lived...really lived
it was a dream...
now i feel i am enough of a poet and lately living much
a poet the edge.....not for everyone...
but the only way to find out is to live it.......
not much instruction or gaurantees at this speed
pace or place....however...they did it....i am sure i shall
survive this tour that i have elected to be on....
im beginning to see how poetry is a beauty a gift
and that it does not come free..either in its creative fires
or the chill sometimes.....and running a life....
of which i am doing........and everything changes
is changing evolving so everything i am hanging onto
hoping to be the same upon return in the new year
will forever not quite be the same with this experience

i am happy that my writing is something that brings a
thought joy or ponderance to those reading
as for me its a grounding and release of my experience
in life.....

i live a rather nickel and dime verocity
outspoken and always thinking
meditation is something that i must focus
on in the new year coming

everyone my age that lives like this is
pretty hard pressed or passed on
consumed by passions ghosts
aches etc

im beginning to understand the great
gifted ones of americana and canadian
lit that poured their heart into this poetry

and of course understanding my station
here on Neo land a great place for those
writing and reading

thank you

author comment
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