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A Triumphant Exit

I should've wept for days
On end
At the hearing
Of the fall of the giant pine ---
That spread its branches so wide
Birds of different species came to nest
And rear their chicks.

The news came as a thief
In the thick of the night
To inflict fear and sorrow.
But I refused to give in,
For beholding the legacy so amazing,
The footprints so wonderful,
You bequeathed
To them that sheltered in your lair
Healing of a great sort overtakes my being.

On the shoulders of the past,
Sits this lantern
From whence lifted a great many sparks
That kindle the path you trod,
Adorned by the touches of your smiles.
Oh, on this path
Walled up a collage of your many kindnesses,
Gathered many natures of memories
So often pleasant;
Even when the sun fell
Under the clutches of the nocturnal clouds,
Silver linings drew nigh.

I feel my heart beat,
Beat sweetly,
For while the world wants me to mourn you
You want me to celebrate you;
To liberate all those who mourn
From the barracoons of sorrows
To the great illuminations
Of joy everlasting.

As we've always called you,
In the world where men desperately seek firm,
You sought none but a good name.
In a world rocked by seas of turmoil,
You were peace for those who came near.

With love so enduring your offsprings you bred,
So resolutely loved,
So gently disciplined,
Your children testify.
You're a million times a father;
And many more millions a caring father ---
Made of the spine of steel
Yet ever so tender.

I watched you as the suns made their rises,
I watched you as their settings reared
In the horizon,
I watched you when the days hopped
In between the two poles,
But in them stood a man so dependable,
Standing in guard
Like a lion with a royal mandate.

Ah, in my heart burns sweet pride!
That from your loin came one like me.
You said of compassion the meaning of life,
Honesty the husk of your mind and heart;
And shepherded by your words as a youngster,
Many hurdles over I leaped.
A fin of the truth has been my tongue,
Remembering that your tongue blazed of it
To the scattering of evil counsels.

You told me in my younger years
That it's never enough to be wealthy and famous,
But far rewarding to be kind and humble.
And before your children knew to walk,
Virtues along their path you strewed.
Alas, our steps are held in place!

Although we would've chosen you to stay with
A little longer;
But your triumph over the toiling
In thy mortal estate
God declares

I shall bathe my days with your legacy,
Draw the eyes of the Mountains in faraway
To the great day of your ascension
Into the light wherein life bears no pain.

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I truly can't thank you enough for your words that lifted my spirit so greatly. Yes, I lost my father, and the tribute is for him.
And again, thanks for letting me know what my name means in Italian. It gives me a jolt of confidence. Thanks. And stay safe.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

author comment

Thank you very much. I find encouragement in your words.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

author comment

You are far better than you give yourself credit for, Chima.
I predict greatness shall befall 'pon your ample arse.


Thank you Obi.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

author comment
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