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Peeping through a forbidden door

which I'd closed years before

memories that exalt and destroy

momentary joy

then tears I cry

It had ended in tragedy

caused such misery

gnawing feelings that haunt

remembered passions that taunt

there is no release

Will I ever find peace?

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Structured: Western
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You need to get away into a land filled with laughter
Not the world you currently live in which is filled with disaster
Eat chocolate and curry its good for your brain
The more you delve into the past the more you'll go insane
Depression is a. Condition of serotonin deficiency
That's all it is, brain levels low will cause insanity
Unable to sleep, mood low often fitful crying
Early morning waking, sadness, often thoughts of dying
Some psychiatrists recommend cognitive behavioural therapy
I recommend sex though this may be heresy
Sex i t seems increases dopamine, there is science to it
Stick in the present,laugh a lot and you will become fit

Can I help in any way? Your poem is Written beautifully but are you feeling low?

Hi frenchf thanks for the advice im fine its just a poem written a few months ago im fine but thank u yr very kind all the best sue b x

author comment

Isn't poetry a strange thing - a place where we all find voice for the things in our lives which matter. This poem will haunt me, so as a poem for me, it's intensity is resonant and powerful, very raw.
Everyone has stories, don't they, histories, joy, pain, confusion, and anguish. Dear Sueb, hope all is well. Thank you for sharing this.

Jenifer Jaspa James

thanks jenifer glad u found the poem so as Jess says I have issues unresolved ones things happened years ago that anyone would have a problem with and it comes out in my poetry now and again im fine all the best sue b x

author comment

thanks a mil lonnie glad u enjoyed all the best sue b x

author comment
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