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On the winds of Time
I did fly
furious and uncaring
blind to each day passing by
bound by memory's charms
and seduced by lies
of immortality.
Now I clearly see
all things
that wait for me
and I fear for my sanity

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This is an accurate description of how I have been feeling since entering into my 50's! Oblivious to time and moments of my life until now, when I am staring at fleeting time in the face! This seemed to speak directly to me today!


This hit me hard when I turned 71.

author comment

lived careful enough...madly enough...tonight feel pretty worn..
but good....fear everything does I ..i knew not my history kin lines..
genes or otherwise well..hidden and secrets...myths....the mirror a
reminder each day that the mystery eludes me further down the tracks
and that death shall i meet all that i ask....or mere sleep...and i fear sleep
for the death is fear that i dream when i die..

this poem like your works is and tact and full of its
pain and yet like a paper folded kept sacred...thank you

Thank you, Steven. I am doing my best to stay alive. The worst is the loneliness and the fear .


author comment

i was told long ago i could have been a traveller...well read...
when you write of "lonliness and fear" i think of consorts
chariots and sled dogs....wolf packs..brothers ..sisters..
and like names painted on the working aircraft of world war
two and one....

like gods and godesses..deities..
mirrors and worry stones..

we can be a million miles away from our lovers
our mothers holding hands in the summer swelter
the fall breezes...the quiet in the masses like a
wingbeat of a moth..a hush that encapsulates our
souls in memory fragments....scents...sounds..
tremors like the afternoon subway and bus..
aircraft landing...

i lived alone when young....and worked for
elders wealthy at their summer camps..
tourist homes along highway 592 ontario
Clear Lake spring fed glacial
lake with rounded hills with hardwoods.
old feilds.....

i would walk to escape the house sometimes
to feel the wide open panaromic of the
true traveller.....i think of fears like wolves
from the mirror of my own creations
beautiful and fanged..hungry and vengeful
like the passion of past conquests and

the lonliness was from contact with the intellect
the intelligence sharing and intimacy
that i never had much of...valued..
my feral drama and edge
drove much away...

my own appetite did the rest

i value your thoughts greatly
and poetic verse here much
i do what i can to keep in touch
with you

we are reflections of what we
what we shall..
what we will walk

if i fear then i am alive
checking my lists
my paddle
my props
my kit
my papers

and i at least have a roof
a cave
a connection

thank you G!
Your friend Steven!

I also lived alone and cherished my privacy; but, now. I have little mobility, and the things we take for granted I can no longer do. Funny,though, there are only a select few I would want around,IT IS A NOWIN SITUATION unless my hip heals [it's been six months[ and we find better meds for my Parkinson's/

thanks, Steven

author comment

privacy.....tenements..i read stienbeck and kerouack and atwood
and others...striving to listen to the chords in all the symphony of noise
of social mixing....we ran just family in our little town..hills..etc..

apartment towers....

i have this shoulder..just a break....the back i sleep on the floor
i heal fast....i laugh at your list of people you want around to deal
with.....i think of my list and you know for me it was people who
came to me....the ones i wanted.....delights and tricksters also
we couldnt line up at all to sit sit walks and comets and shooting stars....just sit and stare watching
them go by while sipping coffee

i studied vets and pst and survivors for with them
my old boss had hodgsons and others ms
cancer with others even now

doctor said we are not magicians
people call me a trickster
smart minds are true magicians
healing is the shamans trade
and medicine can yet do much

benzo s still the nerves
the shimmer for those
ive never seen a live wolf
but on videos films
a half wolf
skittish creature
in our world

perhaps the sun
and return of living
things on our atlantic

heal up well my friend
we continue

many around
and your mind is
still so very sound


The trail we walk is long and the separate journey's we make should be a benefit to man, if not, we are doing wrong somewhere but it is not a judgement thing it is a Spiritual thing.
We reach out and touch each other in words hoping that they can raise the other above troubled ways, these things are hard young travellers they are so hard.

Steve, a couple of years ago I was at a sanctuary here in the UK and the owner had just managed to get hold of about four wolves, Steve if ever you need an experience in life then go find a Wolf and just look into its eyes, there you will find a life within a life and so on to eternity.

Joe, yours is less hard, just look at life within your life and there you will see the love of eternity stretching out for always,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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