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ovid worlds
like rain
the karmic ashphalt
steam rise song
Summers heat
diesel thong

Ruin of dust on truck
sporadic freights
on rails long
the heavy tools

and twenty pounds
mud huts
dogs kids and cooking
mens murmured voices
rising above the phone
wires and hydro din
jets with shark fins
rocket hiss of drones
we die we live
no choice
just pray
no bombs


Editing stage: 


You took me somewhere else, great read

Dave the cd somewhere...Time Out!
the new crowd got me tagged into Hip Hop
and in High school the drift of Grade Ten..
was the Euro for us then..Manchesters Joy

Watching Soul Saver Sunday television
and listening to Rock Radio FM night
stations on the radio

Reading speeches by the ghosts of leaders
and poetry of the damned

Black and White war show bombers flaming
wrecks on burning cities the tv mute
and Jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze
howling from the home stereo..moths dancing
mad at the screen door
and a storm prowling in from the lakes
far to the west'

Moments when its still like this
when the stillness
refuses to be the calm reflection
of a tranquil pool

Narcissis reaches up to give
me a slap to wake me up
adjusts my hair
slips me a fin
and sends me back
into my world again....

author comment

I saw a documentary film once, sort of that showed what would happen if man disappeared from the earth and over the years what the Earth would revert to.
They took buildings, roads and all our scars on this planet and showed what would happen to them over one thousand years.
It was great to see how things would revert back to a clean planet and all signs of man would disappear.
In that stillness Twix sleep and awake there dwells the spirit of our soul, in a beauty that we wish would last forever.
Also loved the write lol,
Yours Ian..

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

pray, no bombs.

'Break, break break on thy cold grey stones, O Sea.'

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