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Life baby
you send me out for bread
the curtians ajar
the ghosts gone to bed

War dog slipping on the
broken boots
torn page from the bible
half consumed
forbidden fruit

Apple Jacks and
a quart of booze
addictions a drag
say it helps us snooze

Bump goes the night
things alive in the
skin of dreams
like a drum beat
between these sheets
in the whisper of
a night so sleek
so quiet and serene

lay away to the falling
water shattered drops
sliding down the
black drain
all that was
and may have been

Erecting ideals
fruedian rhapsody
smoking with foot on
the curb simmering

lacquer hearts
you smile
and say I'm

Rip it up
Dirty Girl
pose a scene
whip your
cup to smithereens
I'll scrape it
and buy a Dime
and still wait up
Cinderella in
winter flats

thats how its

Editing stage: 


sometimes aren't so bad. Some of us need them to keep on going. Feeling like I am me, is better than staying alive... just a bit longer. Once again, you show me a picture of emotion. It doesn't get better than that! Thanks, my bro-in-arms! ~ Gee

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Said well Brother!
Glad you are in touch and we are writing...
And true...better is a good thing!
staying alive
with help

Thank You!

author comment

This was so free flowing I forgot to take notice of the theme properly.
Feelings flowing and I don't care what caused them as long as they are held in a state of mystery for many, then I feel it a privilege to have read about them here.
Yours Ian

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

this would be a beautiful spoken word poem. seriously.

some tiny spelling errors, s1 l4 "curtains," s6 l5 "misogyny." that is all. the rhyme is super loose throughout, and for some reason it feels fantastic. usually the only way I like rhyming is if it's super tight, but this works so well. this is awesome.


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