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thera putic

computer lah land
where is the sanity
when the mutiny
nece pas

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This one made me think

I looked up Nece pas according to what I read it means "is it not" You have a great knowledge of words - and you use them to great effect! making the reader ponder - I can't say I fully understood the part about "when the mutiny tries" but I'm not the sharpest tool in the box - it is probably staring me in the face - I'm just not getting it at the moment! :)

Well done xxx

Love Mand xxxxx

Mutiny in this case is my computer with broken power cord
that I had to strip with many tools to the bare wire..
Realize that they are frail and not intended to be used by
girlfriends as foot curler napsters
squished into couch crevices....
that technology is also my crew on this family ship not understanding
cash flow...just a machine wearing down...If I had things under
control I would buy a new power cord get on to neo and new
tower and get onto neo....Instead....Its a mutiny!
I have to jury rig the snap crackle pop of sparks to charge
this rig up....I am being overun...Next I will be walking the plank

Mutiny was like this funny creature.....I wont let it....every captian
whom most were male although there were female pirates in
the seventeen hundreds...rather ruthless like their male
counterparts but they were the captian...
Would not let the mutiny affect take hold
So I fight....I work the wires..and wait it out

It is not

a Mutiny
Sanity is an idea that
things are of an orderly
it merely appears
to be of an inner
when things
start to go awry

Suppose one can have a sane
all orderly and proper
Like something out of monty

I am charging my computer
IN a rather piratically way
and I am
IN charge


thank you

author comment

All becomes clear! :) great explanation - hence the title. He he

Love Mand xxxx

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