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Brilliant, blazing, softly crimson
Aglow against the midnight blue horizon

Fingers strong and gentle, dipping into the glory
of the melting twilight sun

Slowly streaking the reddish hue
Across the complexion of the evening sky

What wonderment to the eye
The Ultimate Artist, proving He still can

Last few words: 
cannot remember if I posted this poem to neopoet before or not. Wrote it in 05, 2012. If I have, I apologize. Linda
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Hello Linda,
This was a really good write. I found it to be very soothing. I felt as if I was there watching this sunset. Keep up the good work.


for your kind comments. Glad to meet you


He who conquers self , has won a great battle

author comment

I think that this was on site earlier, there must be a way of finding your previous work, anyway glad that you made it back.
A lovely sunset look forward to many more, Yours Ian.T - Yenti

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I do not remember, Ian. Oh welll, I thought I read that much of our past poetry has been lost. I do have hard copies of everything. I will have to start marking previously posted works in some way.

thanks Linda

He who conquers self , has won a great battle

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