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Mirror, Mirror

She gazed into the mirror and
gently touched her face with her fingertips
not quite sure what happened here
she whispered to herself

Am I awake or yet asleep
A wink or a nod, did I sleep too long
It was just yesterday, it seems
that my glorious youth still reigned

Dark hair, now turning gray
Skin so smooth, now forming lines
Still, she is happy
So many other things of beauty surround her

She remembers the song her Grandmother
used to sing to her, " Mother dear I'm growing
old, silver threads among the gold"
She had looked into that mirror, too

No escaping time, no holding back the night
The days are short, the days are few
Not quite sure what happened, here

Editing stage: 


Yes the reflection is of life and the journey we have made just smile and you will see that the other person will also smile.
Don't count the lines they are from being alive and living.
It is when the image fades and you can no longer see it then you can worry.
The Silver THREADS among the gold Is I think the right words of the song..
My hair is cut very short so I don't notice lol.
A very good write, the flow could be better but it is still a good theme, I thought I had read this one before some place ??
Take care great to see you here with us, Yours, Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

You may have read this, it has been so long since I have posted I forget. I notice I have certain things I like to write about in different ways, clocks, time, mirrors. thanks for the help. Linda

He who conquers self , has won a great battle

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