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bleed thin
the snow wafer kisses
falling diluted
a ghost half empty
Chanel Number Five

a cry her hands to
the ceiling eyes drawn
dark beneath the
brash brows
ribs in the lean light

invisible friends sing
this spinning room
tending snowflake

large eyed mystery
before the light
shadowshow love
empty and tasteless
a feast for the tongue

caught dream
on tip
eyelash decorum
on dark oceans
a nights mirage
sleeping in coquette

Editing stage: 


Your lover?

vivid in its vivacious verve...vapid and vulnerable ...

author comment

what kind of drink or dose
you devour
to enlighten
each moment like a flower ...
tis a mystery reading you
as a teen
you must have been
sought after
and wonderful
were you??


I did sketchs ....doodles in art books..always reading some kind
of novel my associates in the vaulted school level..(I took general
level..sat near the occupational table away from the
top cliche grade thirteens either beautiful handsome and wealthy
and extremely intelligent and driven in sports)

As now with meetings sometimes people reserve a space about
me...just a wavelength but there were those that swept in to sit
facing me..leaning in to draw their words or sketchs in my book
To run ideas past me about home life..what they loved..
what was giving them grief..their dreams etc.... I had poor
hiygene for a few years....had very severe acne and very poor self
esteem......But I still loved books and once people knew I had
this intelligence they loved to come and talk with me....I was into
current social world events then listening to much news and
papers and music....I was shy then and had a more approachable
space then now.........Perhaps Ive become like a lot of others now
to a degree.I had too
wonderful I was not...I had severe emotional issues and anger
from many inner and outer reasons....when all that was not going on
though I did have sunlight in my life....a quiet day or two here
and there that they the others would come and visit
a lot of days then as now in real life Im a bit of a prick..

dont have to be but I push systems
and myself..thus the hip troubles lately
Welcome to old age......
say all my aching broken up risk taken
and lost friends who dont give up the ship
ha ha ha

I compose sometimes between binges
(Not recommended at all)
or on pain killers to get rid of the ache
but the drug alone does not produce creativity
for words that when sober and years ago I laboured
to read up on and fathom...Its use its
meanings.....And lately Im breaking up language
and stopping sentences after observing the
culture on U TUbe and text worlds from friends

Thank You for asking me about this
many poets wrote while high...
Kuhblah Khan is a favourite of mine

and probably a straight written one
about a tiger burning in the night
or something


must go
thank you

author comment

perhaps if you took to drawing sketches
on beaches
and in semi nudes ...
the words that will flow will be warm
not cold

and the burning teens
will emulate you
oh Esker all these days
where have you been???

were you there
on the beach
still with me.. ... virtually

reading you is a delight
some day in Ontario we shall face
sight by sight ----------------------hopefully


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