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T r e m o r S p l i t t e r

bunch of feats
dripping dither
petals soft as a winter feather

hushed like a hot flames lash
tender as black wax
and red silk solitude
fallen crumpled
silent as a stream
a crowd

the shadow crept
to curl
in its flight
a logic flash
like a wish
and dreaming

and you bend
my flexible
to the break
the blood
and bones
these sticks
these stones
slick now
with rains
before the blows

and the
walls know
the bare bulbs

sticky mirrors
blurry edge
and the nudge
at the
arterial rush
with pockets
of lush laden
trinkets and change

how you charged
how you chased
me down
burning these
this swirling hate

a twisting hiss
how I knew
when you
threw at me

that kiss

Editing stage: 


This is filled with many emotions, all because of a random kiss??
Thrown at your reason, catching it off balance as they do sometimes.
I would love to hear the story behind this one.
Beautifully written and as it was a stretched emotional ride, it captured my thoughts, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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