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T A N G E R I N ...

the hollow ache
delicate and free
floats like crystal
through the dark
alive to see

the loves perfection
succulent and known

Editing stage: 


alone like its fall
has shown
rapture shown................

author comment

this silence trickling
what is spoken

I am in love with snowflakes
the beauty of it
the madness of cold
and then this

bearable weather

settling deep in the core
where the heart

dreaming of the dreamer

author comment

Dreaming of the dreamer

In soft drifts
Warming to spring
wistfully tracing
Each snowflakes fall

Yearning for white winters
Bracing in the storm

Lovely little write love that last line
Dreaming of the dreamer

Love Jc xxx

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

some fall away
and others remain steadfast
the rivers of them
around ones heart
in the soul like rain
when one is parched
and dry for relief and relish
the ease to move
to dream
to want

Thank You!

author comment

the minus thirty eight degrees
perhaps you may have longed for it
the snow flakes like knives
in the Canadian bone chilling breeze
I have once been sliced in deed


a crown of visions on my snowy head
the shaggy highlander hair
the craggy beard fresh with its berg white age.
the show of become wiser
or more foolish
whatever the dare comes foreward I shall

Jogged slow from work
all six one of me in my heavy hoodie and leather
designer bomber

the dark shades

just to show myself I can still at this age
pushed my glasses on my head while waiting
for a light at the busy business sections

and then forget them...the snowflakes are large
and beautiful its been like this
like living in a snow globe dream
the sun a shallow light...
surreal and opaque

the snowflakes would land and hit my eye
and dissolve....slightly painful and then
in my exhaustion in a moonlight arc on
my vision I would see the most articulated a mosaic of a blue sky and
dark lines....I thought of a brighter stained
glass image vibrant....I have never done
acid or mushrooms in my time..and this
was new...I thought the sleepless two days
was causing this or old age....but I was
walking the dogs when I realized it was
the snowflakes...the impact on my eyes
perhaps...the cold....whatever is in them

People up here have proper clothing
expensive designer snow boots and snow
pants..Mario my neighbour a two hundred
dollar pant and jacket set...Black and white
very swell...and others have fur hats with
ear flaps...and gloves....I have knitted blue
mittens No hats! the snow water is good
for my hair like rain and puts in a wave that
I like....Free vanity...but the cost is the cold
just have to keep moving..keep the blood
flowing....two kilomters or steady walking
and one is warm enough but it takes that
long on the really cold days....Or I just take
the public transit and take time to notice
the sky....the rooftops...dreaming in on
the way to work and then watch the pretty
scene in the terminal while I wait for Hornell
Heights bus.............

it has its moments Loved!!!

thank you

author comment

It was Shakespearean

I had not heard much of shakespeare other then the Saturday night
Canadian content we had on the old television days
when everyone had the little towers on their rooftops
I was a child then...and it took till I was a teen in highschool
suffering through my parents divorce and the usual ostracisizing
of the gang and popular others...I was a mere loner in my aviator
replica hiding behind dark glasses and cowboy boots drifting from
class to class and drinking whiskey from my locker..sitting with
all the pretty ones would come and scribble and doodle in my
sketch books and chat..tell me of their dreams their hopes their
pets their parents...I thought nothing of it I see I was closer
then a friend to these...But during all this I loved english class
Mr Percival of all things....shakespeare and the records we listened
too the videos then we watched and those little canvasse covered
hard books well aged....Julias Ceasar I loved and that scottish play...
the rest were nice.......I have loved Shakespeare since!!!

Thank You!!

author comment

eighties...while reading and drinking coffee in the cafeteria in the then eighteen hundred student
system of the eighties...(1983) I brought in my pioneer slim line tape deck system with music
tapes to listen too..(they allowed this if it was kept low like the old fifties forty five jukes on the tables)
All mine was pop mostly then..not yet punk nor heavy metal...and a year to go to spend time in
the dark fall background with Marybeth....She was blonde with the bluest eyes and interesting
face and school valedictorian but very quiet and very strong...wore her blue checked shirt and
canvas shoes and her blue jeans rolled up..Her long blonde hair and bangs across her brows
She would bring me books to try to get me to read then like Margaret Atwood and others...the other
bright ones who just started to gather up in an intimidating little group too would discuss the days
events that I watched at night on the news...Thatcher and the wall. etc etc...listening to CBC at
night for new music..barely passing the general level.....I had horrible acne then and was skinny
as hell.....but I wasnt stupid....I see that in my way now...I dated Beth when she was finishing her
last year...Her parents were smart owned a single level rancher style log home they built themselves
out in the hardwoods near a popular lake where the wealthy reclined in their homes and cottages..
Beth taught me David Bowie and Lou Reed and delighted in studying me...we would hug and
hold hands and sit staring into eachs eyes for hours not saying anything..Or drive on the backroads
in the rainy fall or moonlit nights...she smoked these little cigars...and smelled of cedar closets
and girl shampoo and a delicate perfume....She was and is amazing.....I used to call her for hours
until fifteen years ago...She went through University of Toronto on full scholarship for teaching and
has four children and a good provider husband....but her intellect and soft heart and strong warrior
kick ass attitude set the bar for me for the following women I loved lived and dated for the years to
come.....She worked as an accountant for the local small mill in a small town She would wear
my aviator leather on cold nights while driving and then worked in the small bar where I would
pull in with the seventy six mustang two with the eight ball on the shifter and walk in for a double
jack daniels in the hard core but friendly local bar and biker hang around in summer months...
she was a doll and had the most loveliest of smiles....When I write love poems I think of her
my first great love......She would love all this here....I miss talking with her....she was also a friend..

Thank You!

author comment

I would probably have been sitting on the sidelines adoring you from afar in it!

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