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t i n n e d

wan light
rosehip tea
the clock strikes
the house
is silence
in its mind
the bell
stops its shrill
of the clocks

the dreams
come and go
dreamer aloud
is it a cabaret
a horror
a romance

the tinned
i know
for me

dreaming awake
my tinned thoughts
like paper slips
and cigarettes
keep away
like rain

like sleep
for some

the clock
like the watch

what do i keep



Editing stage: 


this has some food for thought.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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to be tinned

after for
please put a qs mark
like this?

safety deposit would use tinned lined feed boxes to keep away mice..
cities its different....rats chew through anything....ceramic would be the best
the egyptians did....cant detect this under ground with metal....but tinned boxes for
cigarettes....foodstuffs like the voyages.....

and finally....a fellow i knew who travelled much gave me his tin of offerings
a collection of things he enjoyed as a male...hunting and fishing..hefought
with depression all his life...he really liked my philisophical ramblings at
the construction job...he was one of the best operators i think we had..
politically not stable...had some issues with other things to help him through
his depression and work like all the others...

he lived in cabins whenhe could and jars break....plastic evaporates..the
copolymer chains unbinding.....
ceramic settling..
pretty much need a good storage a dry tomb or a basement
to keep these items in check..

tea tin.....cigarettes came in tins long ago...when weight was not an issue

importance was the intimacy of the objects
the immediate contact with memory and event
i have seen photo albums left in homes swelled up with moisture
a flood..etc..

computers may make it..hardcrivesare fragile
but its only as good as the system thats relevant
like a language..

the old moving chests..the good oneshad a tin
linning....moving as in travel...

that was about it......

author comment


i wrote it like a a snarl...
because otherwise i would write
it......Why do I keep awake?

the a waiting.
although for what even i dont

punctuation...i know.
need it one day..
should try t out now that i have time..

thank you..

author comment

esker why don't you try writing narrative fiction , from your explanation of the poem , this scene is awesome i loved the images that represented the poems coinage

people love it so far.....our family was creative writers and homespun poets.
others i know too.....people talk of writing and poetry and painting and the either
cant or dont have the ability.....i do have the ablilities for all and am getting it under
way.....its very healthy and fun....way too many haters out there..time to give good
and love and rainbows....God shall prevail! he gave me this gift....
I have avoided just running on instinct and making use of anyones weakness
with anger and hate.....

writing is great exercise in patience....
blaming gets no writing done
only doing and goodness

thank you!

author comment

you are my man for all seasons, you are a star among the pack in neopoet, i truly appreciate your poetry

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