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T i m b r e V e l v e t o r s i o n

Fan motor gushing
The vertigo green

Deep the depths
torrid bound
the floor found

eyeglass world
bent eyeing cherry
summer jets
lifting went

the motor stunned
discarded tilted

dreamland vend
discard token
fallen to the slot
from rails broken

Lay lay way
ward the screen
world a crawl

this divers suit
calamities clown
a sunken wretch
and drowned


Editing stage: 


this strikes me, cause i like the coinages of your titles , expresses also the form the definite will blend into

I find your poetic voice more lithe then mine..perhaps more serious study in schooling..
sadly to say I did lax much in school although I loved words and books..
Timbre is the voice...a engine...wind...machines...phones incoming
calls...the computer fan...machines at work...Jets landing....The Din of peoples voices
at the mall....I love all of it! Velvet is a feeling.....voice....sound.....waking the sounds
of traffic on a busy street intersction is like can tires and buses and deisel
engines be velvet.....Coming from dreamland for me it just sets the whole
temp of the day for me.....Torsion I like.....Torsion is a spring that a load rides
on....It can be very comfortable and sturdy and steady....Its not a violent expression
or angry....Thats Tensional....there is a difference in its application!

language is like that.....many languages have this great width about them...
and others need coiled spring systems....Rapid...quick..adapt and adept..
torsion bar..IE chrysler cars...they were big and they were long rods from
the frame.....English my only spoken language although I love languages
is a rather wide spread language....probably due to the fact that after
the romans and gauls they were in control...they drew things out....
literaly the last word and law for a long long time.....

Titles are like this.....Google or any search engine will draw up a mutlitude
of imagery and link....I write on purpose messed up titles just for that
reason....To screw with the internet....
its a fancy game I like....Like trying to outrick crows from eating the crops
and crows are very bright.....

Thank You!

author comment

i like the objectives , and i bring myself closer to the saturated meaning

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