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Leaning with my tousled
head the morning like
a gin cloud

my girl speaks in alphabets
her voice a tainted angel

A tinsel tack with money
back the dealers out of town
and were riding 6B junction
down to the suicide corner
out of town

all of the plans arise and
fall sound of tenant television
in the halls

shes wearing day old Bergamot
the paisley shirt
the tired skirt

the hot expanse of morning
sun glints off chrome

like a stomach held snub
nosed instigator
like a smooth talking
laid back hip persuader

and the undulations
through street names
like the black top
and the boys in the
back flexing

we are riding

going now where
from nothing

drifting on the Syllabus
cause we love
to move

the wave in us.........

Editing stage: 


I enjoyed the ride. Nice work. If i may suggest, though, in stanza 7 that the two "likes" break the flow a little bit. Perhaps removing the second like or re-writing the line. Not sure, just a suggestion. Again, enjoyed it.


I write words twice often
in my poetry..
I sometimes edit also
starting to go back now
in the last handful and
make changes

Thank You for the comment!

author comment

I've not got that ability to couch the scenes in words!

its right here.. in all of us!!

author comment
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