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light flickers
and taps trickle

far ago
the summer hush
descends to the dark dank lush
of falls crush

peppermint kiss
from cellophane tryst
a cold red dusk
coating light
through mist

haunted and colored
with whats been

in the shadows
and statues
of whats

Last few words: 
in the claw of wind the twisted branch where snow now weeps what we never keep like lockets of love in the shape of the heart to cling to this in the winter storms that start
Editing stage: 


beautiful x

its direct and says straight up desire..Love..passion
thoughts....Its not the heard sell..but the beatbox of
what is on...And I love your subtle works too

if you find this beautiful thank you....

author comment

to recall,on a cold wintery night
as the old year does fall
2013 does make a call...


Im glad you are here writing
and leaving a comment
on this...

You know I like and love your works
contro and ultra and all

everyone rewriting what they are lately
but we know
the harsh cruel tactics

thank god for cameras
and memory cards

my journalistic voyeur
wants keeps tagging
and pasting and setting
in my bags for those to
open come my death
all clips I drag and paste
and copy and photo
along my path

so the real story comes

I dont know whom you are loved
and dont care

what I know is that you are here
from when I arrived and so on since

only antiquated fools
never take a pic
never make a note
for the board of enquiry
that may come along
and question all the hosts

I love forensics
my great passion

studying systems my great

click click

author comment

that's the spirit


it's a treat reading you too

you are more unique
than one can ever fatasize


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