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were there
no more
where wavelegth echo
the lovestarved thought
buried in liberty doubts

where there
no more quests
fulfill the fear of sanity
rusting in sunbleached sands

songs cast in dreaming
against the baby grand
this halo of bright
falling like snow
the spirit of sight
I hold onto what
ghosts we are

Editing stage: 


last line of poem above...
just part of the dream memories I wake with
strange territories and heartfelt aches
all apart of existance that's there
in the otherworldly deeds

author comment

the day is leaving
a bland indifference full
of tempest flurries brushs us
as we wait for our bus turn arrival

and then today
so cold
the jet stream full of light
"Sundogs" gleaming
awash this awakeful
habit of life
Run and sit alone with
a coffee in a room full of strangers
comfortable in my space
staring off in a moments

author comment
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