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the dream is broken
all the lovers have
given their hope
to wings of errant angels

Editing stage: 


fallen with your wings
and youve tempted me
and walked away

fleeting is the memory
of all that time
travelling like a river
how we rode along
vistas and views

I want you back
for I miss you like
an addicts love
you are an escape
a madness
a lush rainfall
a quiet beach

how you lived within my
coveting is a sin
and so I have

for you
can you forgive me
and burn these bridges

author comment

come sail your ships around me ...


there are moments rich in flavour
like the heady want of something
favoured charisma and style
with the air of mysterious and the
bold dare the outrageous needs
for not normalacy
a true Bohemian!

"We dont make rules..we break rules"
Esker 2012

author comment
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