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A stranger next door

I see you through the stained walls of my home,
Your window is open
And my heart is beating way too fast.
I can sit back and enjoy now that I'm all alone
My heart would be broken
But I don't care no more for it won't last.
John just left a few minutes ago-
And I gave him what I had.
I never told you how beautiful you are,
But you are amazing, my love,
Those are some nice tits you have.
Now I'm ready for the show,
Oh, and-
I love the tattoo on your back.
Such a fine lady,
It must be so hard when he leaves you alone,
Sometimes I think about it,
And the other day I broke into your home.
I didn't take anything,
God, I'm not a pervert
But I remember that feeling-
It changed everything,
I saw how beautiful your life is-
And I admit, It hurts.
I watch you as you stare in the mirror,
Displeased the way it makes you feel
I remember that scar he gave you,
Guess, some scars do never heal.
Sometimes I dream about you and me,
Try to plot some ways I can steal your heart,
You have no clue how shallow you've made me,
Without you I might break apart.
I stalked you once,
followed you to the park where you take your kids,
I hope you realise,
All of the neighbourhood comes out to have a look at your tits.
I even fought one of those creeps,
Remember how he abused you your way home ?
I found him late one night in the street,
And bashed his skull open when he was alone.
I even gave my candy to your little angel,
She has your eyes
I wish we could be more than just strangers,
I need you Mary, I won't lie.
I can't sleep without you,
And the pills only make me feel more miserable
John told me I need a doctor,
I'm getting more unstable.
But he has never fallen in love,
Has never felt the way I feel for you
I know you won't understand
But I know deep inside you love me too.

I watch him as he slits your throat,
I admit, I've never seen something more beautiful than this.

Wish I could be the one caressing your throat,
Licking all that blood as it trickles down your tits.

Only if you would've chosen me instead of him,
God knows you could have been so happy and alive.

Now John is my friend and I care for him,

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
Last few words: 
It's a fun write, I usually write a few of these while getting bored in my classroom.
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