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ma'am, why did Titanic sink?

Ma'am, why did titanic sink ?
- they said even god can't sink it,
What happened?

First of all,
How dare you show your skin,
Do you want them to see-
Everything that's within,
Don't you know,
It's a blasphemous sin-
To say you don't agree
And that too with a grin ?
How dare you say what you want,
You talk about freedom-
One day it'll devour you,
Strangle you and haunt.
This book will decide your liberty
- dare you taunt.

When the night is upon us,
Who would you run to.
Come, even though it's dark-
And nobody can see nothing,
These words will save you.
Save you from what you ask ?
Ah, another question at last
Don't you know,
You need to have it in your heart,
Or else, it won't save you
-as the darkness rips you apart.

We are all his children,
Never her.
He's your father-
Meh, forget about our mother.
She's probably dead or something,
She ate the apple or something,
Stop asking questions,
Even the book doesn't know everything.

I meant it knows all-
you'll ever need to know.
Science is magic,
Didn't you know.
You can be blessed too,
If you can stare at the wall
Hard and long,
Fold your hands and bend your knees,
No, you idiotic being
-not for a blowjob
But to see the unseen
And hear the unheard
Master of everything
And the shepherd of the herd.

Freewill is his gift,
We choose to decide our own.
'tis is his kingdom
And 'tis our home.
Even at the darkest night,
He'll never leave you alone.
But if you don't pray enough,
Believe enough,
Go to a temple enough,
Do a million things enough,
He'll send you to hell.
That's his one and only-
Requirement for you,
He do wishes you well,
But you see it's not democracy,
It's like a king and a kingdom-
Sort of like a monarchy.
We'll be at each others throat,
Human banality,
He made us for god knows what
-but he loves us all the same,
So don't take his name in vain.
The black, the brown, the yellow,
The white a little more,
See, he's so fair.
- well everyone has their favorites
Why deny him his share ?

The point is,
Do what you're told
Or he'll extinguish the fire
And you'll be cold.
He'll give you a blanket instead,
Oh, he loves that drama
And don't you dare believe in,
Something called karma.
It's all his creation,
The mountains and the lake.
And you'll find every word of his,
In this book-
Everything he ever said.
Yes, we did note it down
- to be honest,
We borrowed some from around.
You see,
He had an accent,
A little southern and down.
So, we brushed over those parts-
We didn't understand,
With other stuff we found.
But, you mustn't-
Disrespect him in anyway,
Here take this book,
It says-
Million ways on how-
Not to disrespect the one almighty.
Don't take this lightly,
Hold onto this tightly
And the sun tomorrow-
Will shine again ever so brightly.

Yes, he teaches us to love
But you should hate
- who don't believe in him
Or believe in something else,
That's not him.
He is one and only,
You'll never be lonely
-with him.
Every dark night,
Won't be as grim
And every river
Will flow for you till the brim,
Your lover will give you,
The biggest shiniest ring.
The birds will talk human,
Dance and sing.
There'll be plenty wine to drink,
And when you'll be drunk,
You'll understand why-
Titanic did sink,
Because it didn't believe in him.

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in this time one would read 22
and yes
at that blessed moment God had a wee wink

Ian and Snow and Jess
will of course do

Probably the titanic sank because of a few men's stupidity,
and taking on too much Ice.
I have a poem someplace of a polar bear that went into the shipping office in Liverpool wanting to know what happened to the iceberg as his family were on it, and coming to visit him first time in two years.
There are many things we can blame many for and just an excuse to say God smote them for being so stupid, but as always shit happens.
I think this is much too long in its entirety and loses the plot at times, "Titanic sinks God teaches Man" would bring the same picture to readers if you see what I mean.
Take care I await your reply, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I was rather trying to point that out, subtle satire was what I was aiming for. I tried to make this write a bit distorted as because I feel even the preacher sometimes have no clue what he is preaching about, I wanted it to have that feel. A general mess but with the same answer. I too think it's a bit too long but I love to write, it's even longer than this but I chose to post the shorter version, it made much more sense in the longer version but I don't think I'm very comfortable posting that over here as I am new and I think it takes time to get comfortable to one's taste and personality. In all I honor your review and will take your suggestions under consideration regarding my future work, thank you once again, sir.

[ never fall in love with your imagination,
A face that isn't real.
A seed of your desires and dreams,
A seed that'll never be a tree. ]

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