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Angry Again

Scream and shout
Tell me all about
How you hate my face
Why i'm such a disgrace
Pull in a crowd
Mock me all around
Tell me how ugly I am
Nothing but waste
Whisper 'em lullabies
Let them be at rest
Out and down going insane
Lest they forget
My name
Throw 'em stones at me
Let me be hurt
Watch the way I suffer
You be the judge
Tie me in chains of pain
Hot enough to burn my flesh
Ashened black like my heart is
Beat me up so I can't fight it
Break my bones and shake my faith
Bleed me of love to inspire hate
Lets play a game of
'how much more can he take'
And do it all over again
'cause just too much is at stake
Take a right and prove me wrong
Laugh at me and tell me i'm strong
Lose patience 'cause I just wont cry
Strangle me but just enough
That I wont die
'cause death is too easy for my sins
Sin being ugly and unwanted
You say with a heart warming grin
Oh child , can't you see
What morrow may bring ?

when the last drop has drained
There'll be no more pain
I'll be numb and cold
With poison flowing through my veins
When the stones are lost
and my flesh becomes the chains
By wrath of the gods
I'll be a monster again
I'll be the rage you tamed
And an enemy you gained
When all the love is lost
And my flesh becomes the chains
By wrath of satan
I'll be angry again

Editing stage: 


Certainly hope it was cathartic.

I question one line
What morrow may bring? [why not tomorrow? Doesn't flaw the meter and feels overly 'poetical]

Now if that's the biggest crit I can make I guess you're not doing too badly [grins]

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