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Still waters running deep
passion's fire burning cold
quiet seething of the hear
cursed and forsaken
things we dare not say
and never tell
spoken only in silent litany
and unholy whispers
in a hell
of our own making

Editing stage: 


wow flaming candle!

she is like a candle cold but still
held in a lovely hand so very still ...
till she is lit and flame is flickering,
she flickers too
but silently...

her body curvaceous wriggles within
the arms of her consort
she can’t slip out…

The flame warms up gradually
but firmly
the candle begins to melt
The lover her lips does cement
with breezes
he slowly does blow
to make the candle glow

as the candle is
warmed and melted
she can’t take a chance
to wiggle or wriggle
she collapses in his arms
is ready to be molded
as per his will,

she also is no longer still!

rest imagine what happens
if you will!


Great minds think alike. :)

author comment

I must bow to friend thee

I'm half as much educated
as you are
experienced maybe...


Education has nothing to do with talent. You r a poet

author comment

for your saying so
and accepting me as one

Your school of thought ...
is second to none..


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