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Spring in the Texas Desert

Distant purple plateaus seem so clear
Over ruddy hues of russet tans so near.
Endless undulating desert’s sand
Roasting in nature’s low geoid pan.
Sunburned sages droop under the heat;
A little shade from a lonely mesquite.
All this under a vast blue shroud,
And a single white billowy cloud.
Just a puff that is so desolate---
Perhaps searching for a missing mate.

Truly spring in the desert is a harsh earth,
Except where God smiled and gave birth
To the many cactus and their blooms!
Yellow flowers with brightly lit plumes,
Volcanic like throats in deep burning reds.
All well nestled in prickly thorn beds.
Blossoms opening like a pagan door
Just waiting to show you that there are more

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It has few poetic values and mentiond god.

Seriously, friend, read more eeally good poetry to learn more about it.
Poetry is a an art, a craft, not just a description

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

my God never came to me through the spike
the bottle

I have driven through the desert in day and caught glimpses
of it at night past a rushing van window...hoodoos....
long lit tunnels and sandstone cuts

The desert is not for people who think they know it
but for those who know nothing of it but know themselves

Like poets and poetry
so many bring blanket statements

I find this a great poem on the items of plants in the desert
there are so many to mention
one cannot stop at its door peer in and shrug ones shoulders
and move on

I like that you write poetry
I come here also to write poetry
I lived in the country
I was not just a city boy

when I lived under the majestic power of there
it was impossible to be atheistic

lucky for me I can do the walk
and do the talk

God smiled and gave birth...
an excellent line

Took the pups for walk and heard
the raven today
cars heading into the city
busy watching us looking up watching
the Raven watch us
a magnificent totem bird
the trees at rest all about
and the creek still open
and talking..

there is so much life and
unless one is really into the
voids of the desert and even
that is well respected by those
that just know there is a power
that exists..

Thank You!

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