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Bluebonnets of Texas

Dark winter clouds now rule the sky,
and in my heart there is a terrible sigh,
for the snow has fallen upon this earth
and my heart has lost its entire worth.

Now I wait for the fresh air of another spring,
where rolling fields of bluebonnets will reign.
With those many blooming flowers of blue
that will bring a rendezvous of just us two.

There we will walk again in the hills of Texas
through that magic ocean of blue and wonder aimless.
hand in hand, body by body, and with our eyes aglow,
traveling like a dancing cloud through love’s meadow.

In the trees we’ll hear the music of the mockingbirds
and watch the red-breasted hawks soar heavenwards.
We will pause; look into each other’s eyes, and kiss,
in the acres of Texas where love is such beautiful bliss.

So hurry on spring and bring me those bluebonnets,
along with those golden-hued Indian paint brushes.
But most of all bring me my Texas girl back
so we can again frolic on a golden haystack.

Yes, my dear we will meet again in the spring
within a pasture of bluebonnets blooming,
and chase away the darkness of our winter,
in a warm breeze within a sea of a blue acre.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Liked the seasons and affect on feelings lovely poem much enjoyed x

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