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I speak
as my thoughts flow
in heavy staccato
and my fingers follow
in separate articulation.
I stumble through my words
as I stumble through the day.

I write in smiley faces
speak with hearts and roses
soar the skies
on the wings of an eagle
to say what I want to say

But do you know
I want to go home.
I want to end where
I began
I want to see the garden
where vegetables grew
next to Rose of Sharon
hydrangea pink and blue,
My heart aches for what the yeas
have raken away.
I want to go home again.

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I am being bad to you today, with the use of your words, though I loved the write..
Not sure what spell checker you use, but here's one and a a couple of naughties that don't figure in your meaning.
Hydrangea (Spelling)
The name "Rose of Sharon" is also commonly applied to two different plants, neither of which is likely to have been the plant from the Bible:-
Hypericum calycinum, an evergreen flowering shrub native to southeast Europe and southwest Asia
Hibiscus syriacus, a deciduous flowering shrub native to east Asia..
Yeas have Raken is not really a proper use of word for this line Raked would do:- "Years have raked"
Raken - A Wheel of Time Wiki
The Raken is a large flying animal with a body longer than a horse's and about equal in girth. Confused with a dragon LOL
It possesses leathery grey skin and large, powerful wings. Reports comment that its intelligence is roughly equivalent to that of a horse.
Its head is shaped like a long horny snout with hard ridges that serve both as lips and teeth and powerful jaws capable of shearing through a branch or an arm and is supported by a long, graceful neck. Two eyes set on the front of the head give the Raken superior vision.
It has a very long, thin, frail-looking tail that is actually very strong.
The Raken often lash their tail in anger when perched or on the ground. In flight, the tail is used with great dexterity to aid in balance and control. Raken have two legs, (A Dragon has four) which end in feet with six long, and very strong, taloned toes arranged four before and two behind. It stands erect only when alarmed or preparing to fly.
It is an omnivore, though apparently perfectly content with an all-plant diet. An egg layer, the female Raken lay one egg at a time....
Would make a great story or poem lol I will have a look at it more..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

hydrangea is. Thanks, Ian,

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