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Smiley Faces--

I send my thoughts
in smiley-faces
hearts and roses
and butterfly wings.
you see
my voice doesn’t sing
the way it did before
and the words don’t come
so easily

My art has lost its soul
I don’t see myself

Editing stage: 


The title reminds one of those obnoxious text symbols :)
Or is it deeper, an expression of what you no longer feel able to express adequately?

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see update. you guessed right

author comment

Smiley faces suggests texts and your poem isn't. Is it the double entrendre?

Yes. The irony of the 'words don't oome to me" is that they did in writing this poem. :)

I write the truth that ismy own journey to my end. My work is not popular mostly for that. Sometimes that "truth" is best left silent because there are no words to express the inexpressable.


There is a stillness deep
a silence that soothes
and terrifies

no words can be spoken
the noise of living fades
into distant places
and I wait quietly

the world doesn't speak to me
the same way it did before
my words are sharp and clear
yet somehow fade and disappear
truly heard by none
my art if art it be
hides my soul in metaphor
and tells much more
than you see.

my sight is weak
my movements slow
and heavy
my thoughts at times unclear
and I fear
the madness they say
is to come.

yet my will is strong
and with each strike
stronger still.
when my heart
wants to give in
I push the day
to live again

author comment

Joe, this has the feelings stacked end on end, reaching out to touch others.
I think this is, no matter what you or anyone says, a piece of the heart and in that is a very good piece.
The truth in the words ring out a story of calling ones own self to account, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Thank you. Ian. Actualy,THIS STLLNESS is the best poemI have written. I was talking about SMILEY FACE which I find not worthy of that which Iwanted to express,I am working on a revision,


author comment

Thank goodness as "THIS STILLNESS" was great and from your heart..
Take care young Joe, and I know that you are younger as I is 71 in two weeks lol,
Yours I an Old 1

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

This was not good poetry. I held back from saying what I wanted to say. Result: a work that is frivilous and supereficial. But wait for my next post.


author comment
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