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And the serpent
slithered from a corner dark
head dancing in the air
salivating sibilants
magic to the ear
of Innocence.

Rubies, emeralds, sapphire blue
silver refractions in the sun
to stun
the eyes of Innocence.

Smiling words
soft and mellifluous
of things to come
honey streaming
to seduce the soul
of Innocence dreaming.

Editing stage: 


you will return again
soon one day
after 26th March
so that your lovely poetry
will be read
all well said
you uphold my Research
in respect
a poet -scientist
more scientist than poet
some call my work shit ...
so be it
out of 4000 Neopoets
I’m still being read
so that means
I'm not yet dead!

hope the ones who wished I was
are reading too!
oh shit they say
Some say poo...
if you throw at some
some will come back on them too...
well done Geremia...
for your return


your work is NOT shit, my friend. To get through this world, we need to fight to exist and just "to be."

I am back,but it took a lot out of me. writing kills some of the pain.

Be well, and the hell to the rest.


author comment

I had confidence
a guy with such nerve ...
as yours
can never form ruins...

hope to continue to read sparks
which others may find too bright
as you are one such a one..


Life is a struggle for everyone. We all come back because we have to,Yet there is a time, my friend, to give in,but never give up.

author comment

on the bike walking..common of probability
of Random Occurence..
(Rayes Theorem)

I just shrug my shoulders dig in and giv'er my way
best at this agedness.....

This work speaks on the social level as well as its
portrayed human haunts...I have my ghosts
that vividly come alive like a not so Un Fun House
the mirror ..the door..

Evil unwinds in such a manner
Dogma of it lulling furtive anxious
and greedy to invest
step away from their treasures their
value and worth to be robbed
or enriched with experience

Experience is not Free
and yet...I wake grateful or scared
and angry from fitful sleeps
and crawl with bitter aches from
injuries and whatever load I
keep shouldering,,,,,Read my
business papers in the coffee
shops with the other intellects
alone....I give up often...broken
and crying knocked over but
not completely down by life...

but I get up
and gather what I need
always leaving something that
I want....Before I know it I
might find that what I need
was what I wanted....

Thank You Joe...Inspiring Poetry
for me this time of year...

do read my will x three ...poetry

u will like it
this life is a long walk
about winding roads…
hilly ways
and stairways
both natural and man made

at times one barges
into a hill in a car,
to save one’s life
from becoming a distant star…

a fall and crash
from the car you come out unscathed
all alone…
the drivers dead

but with crippled frame
one has to rise
the cops surprise …

how in hell you came alive…
spontaneously will be ones answer
yours, his and mine
Gods will! yes …
but the inner will


Well worth the reading, my friend!!!!!!

author comment

About a year and 1.2 ago I came clse to not waking the next morning--kidney faiakure. I have experienced "things" since then--there is evil, but there is GOOD as welll.ote the following then, Do u understand what I experienced?


Down through corridors of yellow lights
walls stained by Death’s stench
into a soulless dark I fell

and from behind the curtains forward came
the French I knew call my name

aged beauty mummified
eyes of clear grey glass
figure long ,slender and tall
did to me speak...
and I did fear…

author comment

hallucinations they say

overcome human minds
when death is knocking
at the doorsteps…

whose there?
my mom and dad who died decades away
come to mind even now daily today
I looked after them so well
they come to me and say,
they are wanting me back in hell
this is what they want to tell …..

‘’come on now your times nearing son
come running soon
we all will be a family once again
welcome you will we
and for you will be a boon

I laugh it off
shrug my shoulders
and say
keep an open bed for me
when I come someday
I like my warm blankets here any day…..


There is nothing that can hurt a good heart. Be assured; if there is a heaven, you have your place. Sometimes I think we make our own hell, or others do it for us,

author comment

others try and make it hell
at times
tc friend
we will meet in heaven


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