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let this fire speak truths
let us feast and not forget the dead
we are whats left
this old gaurd
hunters with our runes
and bones that spill their ache
like hungry winds
against our rooves

did we not follow hooves
worried with wolves
we are warmed with charity
of good women and dulcet
songs so let this moon
still seek our souls come
dawn alive with light
as this night
of winter long


Editing stage: 


Oh HOW you can say it Steven,
HOW you can express it so full of poetry,
rhythm, tone, speed, light, sound, animal, human,
elemental, fiery and wonder-full;
and full of meaning.

If feel at once ancient and modern,
living in the present through the past.


"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

we are from what we are
the oral traditions of story telling
keeps the essence of existance
going we may adapt autos
and cell phones but the old
poems and songs are the
living descendantry of what
we are carried like a spark
for rekindling fires

I am Ojibway and I am part
Scot to deny either or for
one or the other to chose
just one is not what is within
the blood of these lines
flows in me the Scot side
bore red hair it would be
interesting to see what
DNA could trace for its
the other scientific song
that sings it chorus

culture shall endure and
if we are on our native lands
then even more so the importance
of traditional histories
I like this vent of storytelling
very much and this is my hand
at it

Thank You very much Ann

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