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S t u r m S o l a i r e

ripple seethe
the fire of your teeth
browning the down and mole
of rounded valley private flesh

you seek with your vapid hot tongue
to lick and whip with energy
that welt rise and glow
savaged by your tase
tingled midst the twixt of
bothered hot nought
you rough rouge rogue

scarred incandescent
the sizzle effervescent
touch the lividity
on fleshes tranquility
the gasp of memory
the tug of longevity
tremors pleasure

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I'll try not to be mushy, but Neo isn't the same without you. Yet, I'm glad we have your legacy.

A well done sensual poem. The alliteration and other sounds really work.

I hope one day I'll be a professor and I'll teach your poetry.


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