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S t a r v a t i o n

the television is a crime
sated on its feed
its worm breath
and noise
hissing through the sleep

folding dreams into abstractions
that the hall light performs on

sully on this
in steam subway
home vents

there is a rumble
beneath the
of the harried
and the hurried

stop and turn
and listen
there is a voice
starting now

a voice that will
from the conspiracy
the highland ocean groves

Editing stage: 


I like the theme and the roll of feelings from the hiss of white light on the TV (People use to watch the picture sink into that dot in the centre but that is showing my age.
I would love to know if the Ocean Groves is the place around NY city, then the underground passing underfoot, such a lot to picture.
The last line seems isolated as if there were more to come from your pen, it was the use of the as the first word.
"(the) highland ocean groves"
I have been commenting on a lot of your works of late, and there seems to be a void????
If my comments are not up to the writing, I shall cease..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

But I read all and more here....time is swift like an avalanche and oozine feraline as tar
like a lava laugh in the night beneath the last star

I am just writing now like I am just now living
awakening from a long broken road
redemption or hell
either and or

I enjoy your comments Ian
and your great efforts here
they have not nor are in vain

perhaps in my own vanity
before I tip into the well
I can stop now and write
that I am acessing a computer
for the weekend
and reply...
thus is thus..

thank you

author comment

It's OK as long as we know that our talks on your works are up to the works themselves.
It reminded me of Steve McQueen in the great escape when he was throwing that ball at the wall and is became cyclonic, where things didn't change though there was a diverse cycle.
Take care out there, we is just being nosey on how you are most of the time, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

was looking up doppler radar
site..only forty three hits and no
I love that kind of link looking..
the cold war relics are alive still
and maintained
I love the old ruins
the watchtowers
and offense and defense
but you are right

cyclonic and ordinary!

thank You

steve was a great actor..

author comment

so no voiid


thank you loved
I loved you too..

author comment
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