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S l u m b e r S e n c h


the stillness
no brisk

everything at the edge

exhale bids of steam

a ruin house of knowing
sharpened like the best
speaks with invisible

Editing stage: 


except exhaling bids of steam
any other word other than bids or have I missed some image?

Have you been to an auction?
a tri actor race

Have you not bid to your gods

Like prayer silk tied to branches

Steam like silk parchments
with inked prayers rising
a bid to the Gods of weather

the higher power

Breath at night rising
to the stars
laying in the fall
on park benchs

an offering of life force

I like that you dont demand
that you word it thus

Your image is missing because
perhaps you never really gambled
for anything
Or maybe you did and never lost

I Have

I earned it
I gave it
I own it

Bid shall remain dear French
it is a humble entry to the greater
vaulted shift..

where I once walked
and still can

Thank You...

But I ask...What would you suggest..
(second asking)

Thank You!

author comment

I bid at Bridge but nowt else!

great reply but you got me thinking....
when I put in these devices now
I shall consider the other
hand to possible play

author comment
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