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S H I M M E R * * *

tremble in the voice

the night lair haunts
with empress mirrors
coiffed hair taunts

dream ember
sapped in turmoil
the golden age

the parted world
in its weave
its magic

the last dance
in the bloody basket

Editing stage: 


the year of my studied interests
in our humane and human world.....

author comment

and the masonic masons
how I once had the choice to have
maybe joined this

but deferred

interesting life
interesting poets

Thank You Neo again
for being here!!
You have salvaged my soul
through this creative


author comment

seminal events
turning points

often I wonder
of those in different parts of the world
during these specific times and events

marie antoinetee being guillotined
while they eat breakfast in siberia
or the sereghetti plain
thinking of the upcoming day's chores
where book history is not happening

aren't we all, most often, in that same boat
today might be the most historic day in tomorrows history books
and I eat my breakfast and think about the day's chores

I like his poem of yours, not more or less than your others
I simply don't write many comments
I am quite shy in that regard

but you are esteemed still

later man.


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