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r u s s i a n r i d g e

filling fields
towards a sun
against a darkness
violet and crimson

Editing stage: 


The three readings compelled me, one to another.

It could have gone on and on, the nuances are endless!

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

i strip these things down to be abstract for all....pop poetry in an essence..and i never thought about reading these aloud.....i downloaded sound whatever and its slow and has issues on my computer im removing it.....i have this slow nasal toned voice.....i will try to find some way to send a reading....people say my voice drones on and on and puts them to sleep..or like anything can be used to incite things when the moments get any rate....other then that im boring as hell....its not about me..its about the creativity....about the work....without a gift of poetry or a site to relate these gift would be a blog site about how important i has to be dynamic and interesting....animal charisma i lack all of that...but i do have a voice....and a writing talent.....i like your readings..i like sound whatever..but for me it doesnt work on my end on my system....for now..maybe i will keep trying with it.... i do a lot of get well meetings....people say i say things in a manner that is etc.....but i do like your readings.....technical performance is great......i dont publish because im terrible with people...ego..insecurity.....not assured enough to carry the spotlight...but you know people pat me on the head and i make it another step further..and i dig in and just keep real life im mean and critical and suspicious and superstitious....tons of baggage.....but i have a lot of ppositive things....i do have a heart...i like valueble things that need it a little poems etc .......but again thank you for your working on trying to get my voice here so people can hear it how i read it......thank you Elf!

author comment

Just tell me exactly what computer you have at home, whether they have headsets or microphones, Like. If not whether you have heaphones at library or imternet cafe.There are many ways and evices and software I can help you with.
Be in touch. I can help.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

euro mythology is in the seasons..
built in long before australlia or canada were a country
just brit colonies then...

flowers were everything
and are..

this place is a little park right near some
interesting places..

got this from watching the news of
violence which has been going on
forever over there...and here..
everywhere for that matter for ever
and will continue

springtime....dead soldiers unlike
bosnia and others with mere civvies
which i grew up with watching the viet conflict
since i was a mothers tears..
all my dads friend who went off volunteered
(he had a back condition and flat feet)
but he at least tried...

laying dead and the spring flowers arriving
crimson is just a reflection to poppies
after world war one..

new high def is pretty jarring..old eight mil
footage we got and black and whites in
the papers every other day for my whole
childhood and my parents going over and
over with my mothers tears taught me to
engrain that war is bad..war is sorrow...

it just this poem
that even beauty in its cycle can bring
joy to those left alive..


thats my ode to this..

author comment

Russian Ridge,
Reminds me of purple headed mountains from an old hymn.
I had a look on the web, it is beautiful there but don't tell too many or they will spoil it as they do.
Your simplistic write says it all according to the write up a lot of travellers have given it.
Grand write, Yours Ian.T
PS:- As I was growing up the Korean War went on, just after the ending of the WW2 conflict.
Luckily my parents were saved from that one, my Father was in WW1 and worked on the farms during the WW2 war,
It is strange to say that my Father was born in 1897 it sounds hundreds of years ago.

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

lives of each poet
are sublime
they help me scan mine
what if I too were to define
no not mime
poetry would be as sublime
as any one else's
as Esker thine

hope someone doesn't object to this content
ere I come out with another version
like Choked

well I'm here to praise
not get poked

Recall Mark Antony
at Caesars funeral
That reminds me
am I like him?


no ones going to opn their own spend ti e effort..
missionaries do..thats why everyone is suspicious of them
and promotoers....

my grandfather was born in 1888 my adopted fam..
three gens ago....not much.....
in high school we had a pretty girl whose dad was a farmer
and he had her when he was in his seventies...
never did find out how old his wife was..

mark anthony.....busy chum....whatever did happen to him
ambitious ....a,mbition has its rules..

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