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THAT door with its faulted LOCK slams and
clicks...the magic touch
the deadbolt unsliding
an open thought
in the drafty light
like the cigarette haze
the perfume drape
on tired furniture
the tricks of xmas lites

voices linger like a
travellers lullabye
an echo of moment

jacket full of promize
and an empty blaze
that races in our haunted

an antidote clause
contractual pause
across the street
on limbed legs
a streetcar thunders past
and like a mirage
you have dissapated

my dream
i awake
a mission i hold
the tide of shoppers
and snowflakes
like a ribbon of loss

a dusk split wide and hot
in the ice winds
a fire light
coating thick
the desire of wants
the disease of need

trickster ambitions
the hungry smiles
i smile back
the rumble buried in
my soul

a cigarette for supper
beneath the lamps
shinning like bared teeth
and the snow trickles down
like an appetite..

Editing stage: 


It would be great to know more of you, it would probably give us a better insight to your writing, as to where you write and how these word columns stream in.
Journey after journey they take the minds of many of our poets, I remember that a few years ago I was up country in Africa and had to eat in a restaurant each day, I would go in sit at a table and the boss lady would bring me a notepad, pen and candle, then ask for my order.
This was one of the times I would write for people, a bit more classy than writing on beer mats in the mayflower or Fridays in Ottawa lol.
Young Wolf you have a great New Year out there and keep writing, Yours Ian.T
PS:- the line where you say:- "on limbed legs" this threw me a little ??..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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