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'what are you most attached too?'
'attached? now that's an interesting query isn't it'

slips of convection
gravity soars

in the boiler room the gas fire
Heady heats vodka rush
shower steam
mirrors ghost prints appear
like mirage thoughts
emerging from ghost fog


Jin Jin magix

you are not concerned of my age
We are human
we all feel
deftly slips buttons loose
slides a hand across my chest
pausing against my heart
beating sound
beating sure
U are calm

her eyes are the widest
pupils Ive fallen into for
wells of carnivorous logic

Editing stage: 


sounds like a younger woman
inspired this ...

thanks for sharing.

I look at things a bit different then most..
never shut the door to where I came from
which was connected modest above mid class
for our area.....but then lived on street level
long I still sit with people that
well..are comfortable by working hard or had
it inherited by being born 'into it'
and the poor ol people who had to fight every
inch of the way...
i dont judge if a persons open minded
i knew hookers of all ages..male female
and top knockers...
hard rockers
trans gay etc...majority of all of these
held high positions for the people
they contracted for...
got invited to many secret Oh boy,,
or old boy stuff....was working for the
women too busy to do all the memory up...always living in cars then...on the hop
couch surfing helping build stuff move
stuff....but lived legit...
more.....can see how u can climb
though if one is ambitious
but money was not my interest
i could get women...i was flexible
enough to work for all ages schtick
younger women are all right
twenty somethings..
the brains....fearless point
intel and information is
and vanity have a
beautiful non sour by life
at your side..goes far in the
world of politics and power

yet this poem is not about
a younger woman...
but the older women
who have a shine for me
valueing the brilliant aspects
of my shattered mind and life
more and more lately as I dress
up...keep my hair washed and
coiffed...keep my cologne in check
which they like..subtle...
mannerisms..polite...but sure
natural alpha work but low key
nothing like moving freely among
the tribes I say....where the intel
highway is...

just another day at work here....
collecting the smiles
and laying down tracks with
discussions and doling out
the odd cigarette here or there
for good intel trading..
establishing the network

ThankS Richard!

Mr Wolf!

author comment

laid back ladies of the rich and well-heeled! Made me think of fox in the hen-house! LOL Slow and easy does your shattered mind. ~ Gee.

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fresh faced and bushy tail....they would land..body language was everything
plunk down for a break in work clothes eating their lunch....I would be scribbling
in my little notes with Parker Pen or sketching faces.....if it was at Sobeys where
the steppie worked and I was heading home having a Timmies and some chicken
tenders from the deli...she would pop over....'It's me' heart shaped face..angel
mouth...interesting do...long hair but bangs swept from left to right
above brows.....'yes..i templated your look into the muse sketches...very fetching!'
always made her happy..she didnt think i was weirdo..she likes them!
spent the most time with her...14 to twenty one...her daddy was good looking..but
out there..talked to himself..never short of women....his brother was tech genius
self taught working for the hes pretty haggard living with his trailer
woman...Tay keeps close tabs on her intel hacks like an ex....anything I
need to know these women hunt it up for me...and the sister is one
intel sport...shes got her crazy man too...sis is good my first cous actually
they were foster and we got adopted...fam...
the well heeled sat with me....i admired em...they knew in high school i drew..always
had bomber jackets of jungle jackets due to my fear of vietnam from childhood
and meeting the returning of various color and position from that time...captian..
of pby boat..blown out of water..plate in head..and the black man who was in tiger
stripes...some forward psy op stuff...cambodia..loas...he just fit back into civvie
world but we knew the family.good dads sisters friends...
our native fam was well connected...big...rolled in st catherines..niagra then...midland
and owen sound way....big big big...same with dads native side....big political happening
brothers...yawn...old glory days...just was... york street and subway station named after them
gangs of new york there is mention of the name....dutch....the town crest from holland
when their town was surrounded by sea has a mole on it...they were people that got
down to the bottom of things...figures they were island my scot heritage...
the grey eyes that change color and fair skin on an ojibway highlights in
hair....i want to do the genetic test see what per cent i am...
am also not a one per center.....
if i was dirt poor though i probably would have joined something
but i got the good values...teachings...spankings..
discipline...they gaurded us kids well...
and the emotional upheavals but that was basic training
i can corner well now...

why i spent time with the steppie....said...heres what will save
you wasted time to move ahead....heres how to be out there
cause you got the natural point abilities.....the agression
to hack into...get invited to much here in city which she did
without having to rely on the woman clan..which is hen pecking
time consuming all that....she didnt need it...
she was my protege and i was hers...

the energy when we meet we can ride on forever...its a good

Bunni was pool shark...pinball wizard in mining town in her day
had her man crowd looking out for her..all rough and tumble
rouges but good of them was trying to break up
a fight in a tough city and got shanked..died at the scene
those kind....good people from the rough edges..
loves her hard rock....tool..dio...danzig...linkin park..
velvet revolver...prodigy....slipknot...korn...etc...taught me
about heavy metal which my brother and chums enjoyed and
i never understood till late....
got me to it forward...i never did that...never took
the risks...but they showed me its a tool in politics and power
I got the power of the voice....snake oil salesman enough
to roll in and by pass the strict rules..brilliant aspects of my
mind of lone wolf approach and want for systems
to operate with out the muddle of straight skimming and sham
I believe in them...not just ride em till they drop and they all
know i restored things...painter artist....hard baller when need
be.....i can and did drop everything to hit the road and help\
out a friend that has it all..just needed a clean face to help
him which i did.....why..cause when i rolled with em..they treated
me equal like a brother....put a meal in my tummy and a jacket
on my back....u dont roll on those people...
and i take my my time for accountability
respect is a tough go....
principles and ideals.
old school..

so thats been the past years since i got here..
tomorrow if i got the call...i would do it again cause
long ago they did it for me
and i keep in touch with all my ex's and kids
cause intel is important..
strength of connection
the pack mentality

i can with basic tools make on candles
and small stove...gas or liquid fuel...
long as there is haulable potable water
acess to help from food banks
trade for work...meatstuff...showers...
share in mechanical repair of vehicles
which i did...and oft i cleaned houses
..scrubbed floors...kitchens...bathrooms
just use acid or fantastick...breaks cell
structure down...bleach does not kill i was useful
people just get bogged down....not that
they dont want clean things or maintained
and i walk my dog..a shar pei
keep our trail in line...
so it goes..

a most interesting life my friend
I still remember your black light artwork
thank U for your poetry here..
and persona of Killer
and tales from the road

Your Friend

author comment

well preserved..last private owned house before reserve went social
democrasy....wanted me to live in the beautiful apartment ten plex
wanted me to kick out cous..that was the management job not mine
and i live long to examine a system before i work for it...the then chief
died..heart attack young...chief second ambitious youth who took my
job from me from personal..left for the need for
stories about brother from schamehorn fam adopt like me
built the bus extension.and his friend..all got em on fb....those kind of
people..bros is carpenter like chum...worked for Jimmy Piggot me from
to building the water plant...worked lunch and met Jimmy piggot...he
liked my ambition..I would have moved on far with that company..but
was dug in with the house apartments looking after tenants doing
real estate with broker good looking girlfriend then..had a kid then..
one and three quarters year old....I would have been the last kept on
doing the yard..then a big project in TO..but i fucked it up...kind of
wanted to stay in the north....had a truck then....little ford factory
tricked out short box...loved my night wood driving...visiting the falls
rivers...algonquin park with my kid...

rez its day was a well run booze can...people respected
owner whom i talked too and got permission to live in the welll preserved eletricity...old well i cleanded out a few paces from front door
maples growing up uncle hauled away all scrap metal
dug a pit and cleaned up every scrap fixing the east door which was
the back door..little porch where i had the barbeque for cooking all
meals...inside during rainy weather on a counter i built from lumber
scrounged and birch poles...built a kitchen table with oil cloth checkered
my woman made curtians...i put on metal screens..built a porch door
painted eaves windows fresh....had a cooking fire out front..put up
a spiritual cedar stripped pole with the four colors...we fed the children
kraft dinner who came to play with my womans boys...swam with others
at the big rock and fishing at the wharf miles to the bay landing property
i never moved in with the top....had coal oil lanterns..vehicle which we
gave elders and young rides to town ...they just gave backing stories of
the history and politics...being born there and having status let me have
that connection even though they feared my grey grandfather
was a sure shot..trapper...he saw things...thus the fear...had a few
traditional pow wow type happenings on the yard..tons of vehicles women
cooking in the kitchen..drum ceremonies etc...helped up the road with
their building of a sweat lodge...building drums..making traditional shakers
etc....working on cars with homes as i said...
hauling good scrap from the piles...they had the best junk...
cut the lawn for a time on the cemetaries and revived the wells
dug em out...even though then no one was using them..
funny cause they broke the rock cistern when the put the new road
south they gotta haul water from town in tankers...
still ongoing I was right about the water...
anyway...that was long long ago...
One night...a car pulled in the straight driveway to this old house
i always kept our vehicle washed waxed....lawn looking
well...knock on door...was old inner door with glass..little curtians
on it too..had a little lantern i kept burning for company
on porch....short haired big dude...mowhawk maybe....five thousand
dollar shiny suit on..late model lincoln continental running...
kids playing games on floor...couches...woodstove with window
brass trim atop..kettle table oil cloth...coal oil lamps
burning..they said it was if they went back in was the last
gov house still standing from the fifties like could see him
taking it all in...see the memory flashbacks....he was looking for
someone that owed one hundred fifty thousand in gambling...
but it wasnt us....i think he just wanted to do a check for either his
boss...but i suspect he was a or family
name is next drive over.... thanked us....
never forget that....or hitchiking one time...morning...stuck halfway
along the muskoka number eleven
town somewhere at the onramp...this blacked out old tornado pulls
over...two seater those models...we get in...young kid..invites us in
hes playing trance rock....never heard it till then....a few nice words
and he drops us off at offramp into our town then....a nice moment
but when they trust u..u know its a good world....
yup...lived the life looking back now...
why i really enjoy rolling stones.hendrix joplin...animals..etc..ccr....

makes sense...
i took that were like king arthurs court
sleeping and worked hard just too see it working again
okay..that working..good..
then i would do the small things i like to do
that keeps me happy....just a tiny fragment
of puzzle

i still do this today.

we took no photos cameras
remember no names
nicknames only
what I was taught

just a story of the poet
thank U Geezer

Mr Wolf!

author comment

someone that I would have been proud to have been associated with. I didn't have as much rough life as some, but was a few times living on the edge. I always liked to imagine myself as one of those who would survive if society broke down and everyone was forced to live without the amenities of civilized life. I guess that is why one of my favorite tv programs is the Alaskan Bush People. Good to see you still writing and hope that you will continue for a long time to come. Thank you, Brother Wolf. ~ Gee.

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