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Privatizing dreams outside the lines

there is a gap of returning green
between tulip leaves and starling flocks
February grey, like the new school building
on West 28th street obscures the sky

architects build squares on top of rectangles
assemble their plans where
place can be an embellished form of reason abstracted
from colors fragility to light-

sit still
the halls are lonely

Last few words: 
This was co-written with Barry. He thought my original poem was too telling and not showing. He was right. Once in awhile my left brain takes over.
Editing stage: 


the new from ninety two on our buildings
have light wells
skylights large and much
glass....Our winters here are long

As I know a bit of your personality and persona
from here for a time
Are you writing to the architect of work in your
area to be more fluid
incorporate more natural lines

I like the last line put in here

"The halls are lonely:"

as if its not the buildings fault its cold
and sterile

and re reading this again
I see
there are things gone up that are cheaper
priced then an artistic freer form of building

Up in our canada two main backing goverment
operated bodies
Federal and Provincial
Like Washington and State down there
and then completely private as long as
everything comes to code and approval

but most buildings for the public get funding
from our two systems
and the architects are paid handsomely
We are lucky we have liberal minded
ideas now....we have pastel colours and
areas for sitting with glass and artwork
in much places...very people oriented
the hospital is lovely

the college nippissing library is huge
much glass looks great!!

a lot of it is based on cost
all the nice stuff costs extra
remember when Pete Seeger sang
little boxes

that kind of stuff

will go look up west 28th street new school
on google images see what comes up
for inspiration
or de inspiration

I like the poem
and the total relates

(maybe see how my titles dont relate well)

thank you!

There are far too many draftmen who call themselves architects. True architects are as rare as true poets and they both do the same thing : attempt to bring lasting beauty into the world................stan

The way the words were structured? Thank you

Its been too long since I read your words I really enjoyed this one I hope you post again soon :)

hugs JC x

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

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