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First and foremost choose a song that is bright,
Let your rhyme be scented like a brook in the spring,
When mountains glow, when courtyards sing,
When the strains of fountains sob at night.
Let you're lines be of the wavering rose.
Let you're each syllable sweetly disclose
A petal dew-kissed, of that morning flower,
Married with vines, on wall of stone.
Let your stanzas speak of that sacred hour
When you walk with your lover, in the scented shade,
Kissing with you're eyes alone,
By glistening statues, on a marble promenade.

John Lars Zwerenz

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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


Interesting rhyme pattern

I rarely write prose.

author comment

your little piece sounds like a template for everyday living, I like it very much! and yes...interesting!

always, Cat

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