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Pocket Orgasm

texts and samplers
from foil packets

pushing into spines and
musculature like road
maps pushing and pawing
gently purring
while moans and sighs
slip away

My day was a wretch of
but this touch unwinds my
bow of frustration
like a whipped hair
bent and fluffed from
a bended hip

She smiles

I know its a given gift
this trust
her back
so I work as I can
knowing what she
needs without
much words

I can feel her unwind
twisting slow

she gives me
time and intell
of a world I dont
belong with

she smells of
fast travel days
and lingering

and I will always
be the one who
takes the time
to pull my hands
from my pockets
of talismans
and maps
and knead
away the pot holes
and traffic jams

her own highwayman
while the wind blows
in through the windows
timeless deconstruction
this Love

Editing stage: 


A most unusual way of expressing it Wolf,
wound into words that take us on little journeys as you go.

Love Ann

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

I met a lot of hikers and travellers and tree planters
and there is a large difference then being settled
in apartment room estate house trailer etc

in transit everything is in pockets
and one thinks of others as compartmentalized a pack..the pocket of trail
behind or ahead or aside in movements
flanking.. sky space..river runs.. car trips..
cross city shunts and shuttles

Seretonin uptake...
the vivid high of that
and intimaxy...carried in cellphones
and sexting selfies in todays world
the meds one can find other
then sometimes the more
effort to hike and get the
physical high from endorphins

keys and pockets..
numbers on paper
and trinkets...

I knew so many whom
lived in suitcases
leaving everything
behind in moves
like chrysallis
the wind in their

tactile is a lot
our nervous
system evolved
for a time

thank You

author comment

Your orgasmic poetry
alone draws butterflies…
on all fours
you have a vast domain to traverse
in your imitable style of sexy verse
guys and gals like me,
lay in ambush with lovely words
you play
with epicurial display
all orgsms you delay…



author comment

long one which never orgasms


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