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cinch at the weather
the wheel clench

drive my little driver
sling us through
bring us few
the dark Darling

kitten tongues
and pearled teeth
the happy dub
step heart beat
in the cage

sweet sound
wretched wreck
on a rushed
quiet stretch
the sun shines
the swift
hot honey bolt
find us
a bathe
a splash

and downshift
heel calf
boot depression

Editing stage: 


Love the flow and imagery - it's cheerful and has a nice beat.

Well done.

Love Mand xxxx a ray of electric alive ness
when it feels old the world
like a rain that lasts a snowstorm unending sometimes
that little joy...that little ride...
something unexpected that wont last
Like a love
instant as coffee
or a rush
rare...and all the gritty and soft intense focus
that brings

and letting go
falling into that kind of love
or life
or spontaneous result..

honey bolt is sunshine in this poem
that special kind of light at dusk
that fills the eyes with that light
and stretchs shadows
into magic shows

the golden sheen it gives
a special moment
lighting of a spiritual moment too

thrumming in the cage is
a heart beat reference
to an actual coined medical
term for Love sickness
the heart beats rapid
the skin pallour and pale
sweating etc

Cage could be seen as
a vechile something
the bike riders use
as a term for cars..

Drive my little driver..
designated driver
passenger is ill or
inebriated or on a hit
or run or just feels
like enjoying someone
else in control

Little refers to someone
not tall in stature and
or in stature for being
in control...a newbie
and or small as in
not quite an older adult
but a teen

but more and more
I am hearing about
kids who drove their
mom or dad to pick
up booze or drugs
at a very very early
age...not for enjoyment
but thats how one
learns skills...not
all wealthy dollars
on proper driver ed
some of the world
is dirt poor and has
to jump in to survive..

I have met many capable
young people

Sweet sound
a wretched wreck

a voice...a convo
music and the car
not wrecked but
inside,, its cargo
its manifest
is something to
be taken aback from
the mix

where are they going
where did they come
what is the motive
the purpose of the
drive....this poem
this action of the poet
as descripts etc..

I remember the movies
of the sixties or late
fifties even

"Brand new cadillac"
the Clash redid
and the movie
"Faster Pussycat"

around the same time
that Bladerunner was
brand new ...
two strong lead women
characters who were
vastly different..but
had that power..that
wild ness about them

downshifting drops a motor
from a lower rpm and
into a lower gear to give it the
maximum torque to the wheels
and drive train...burning rubber
sometimes and that adrenalin
rush of being slammed into
the seat.....Im talking fast cars
built for this purpose not the
usual family commuter

todays fashion gives women the
long leather riding boot fashioned
into the post punk look of the eighties
which they are slowly evolving for
the new young...

when you slam the acellorator
its all super high rpm power
and the gas pours through the
system...fuel inject or carberatuer
mixing air and fuel under compression
something interesting

author comment
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